Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 21_Man, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Don't we have an aircraft carrier or two loafing about? :roll: Bring the whole flaming lot home in one go. :lol:
    Trooping the old fashioned way! :D

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  3. The RAF could always just admit they are shite and can't run an airbridge. Then we could just pay for charter flights. God forbid, it might run on time then.
  4. We should have R&R in Helsinki.
  5. VC10..... flew back from TA summer exercise on one. Shakey, noisy and you sit facing the rear. Was an uncomfortable flight, specially when it was announced the pilot was a septic on exhange. Good memories though
  6. VC10's are great!

    We flew across the pond on one in the summer -eventually. The old girl broke down once before we got aboard one day and then had to turn back after 20 minutes the day after.

    The biggest shame of all was the Ship sailing without us, forcing us to spend the week in Hotels while we caught up with it.

    I love the Royal Air Farce :D
  7. I'm sure I've got a dit here somewhere from a chum who spent triple digit hours being flown from Blighty to Blair's Folly South.

    So what is the actual lesson here? Why don't we have the capability we need to move troops constantly over large distances? Presumably someone, somewhere in the mists of time, was required to estimate the requirement now for this. Was the thinking at the time that we'd never need to move troops like this? Was there a feeling that we wouldn't have this kind of constant year-on-year low-level not-quite-warfare going on? Once we get out of Afghanistan, will we need this capability again? Maybe we'll be a bit less adventurous in long term occupation of foreign nations and as such any massive expansion in air bridge capability would go to waste.

    I note that the RAF provide the air bridge the whole way; is that necessary? Could we perhaps have the RAF provide the final leg into the zone, and just charter civil airliners to get us close? If so, can we have Singapore Airlines, please? They have some awfully gorgeous stewardesses.
  8. This has always been my argument. In sustained operations such as Herrick. Where would the issue be in using charter flights to Cyprus / Seeb / Doha and moving us into theatre from there. Thus reducing air frame / crew hours and maintaining some form of serviceability. Other nations do it to no impact on capability.

    To me it just smacks of more RAF nest feathering and stubborn refusal to accept limitations.
  9. Point taken, though it seams to me that the Planes won't be the problem, it'll be the weather that puts a stop to flights this Christmas.
  10. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    MLP - ref your very sensible query - that is going to start soon once BSN is fully running on the runway. The plan is (as I understand it) to shift everyone via BSN, using charter to a midpoint, then whack them on the C17 (essentially taking it as it is now, but for everyone). This then reduces the Timmy fleets activity to a minimum and also reduces the need for constant KAF / BSN shuttling as different people turn up in different places.
  11. Im sure old Ryan scare would do us a deal...
  12. I got flown from the Falklands to Sao Paulo on a VC10 with no snags whatsoever. Even had a Squadron Leader doing the trolley dolly job. It only broke once it got there so the ground crew on the plane were really gutted they had to stay in hotels and not return to Mount Pleasant :)
  13. That's great news. Common sense has prevailed.
  14. All my frequent trips to and from ships abroad was done by civvy charter
    aircraft . I think I did just one RAF flight --from Singapore to home in a VC10

    Snag now is the civil flight operators are probably declining any
    trooping flights because the fighting zones destinations . As mentioned they would possibly fly charter to a near on route country then RAF or who ever does the final leg.

  15. seems to me a partial trooping run on civil aircraft would be an easy target for terrorists..
    or am I missing something...

  16. The aircraft should (should) be secure enough on civil runways. Troops could have their own lounge (like in the US).

    We could have the RAF Regiment serving coffees, and making themselves useful for once
  17. Transgenders from Bugis Street perhaps

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