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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by mikh, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. I am sure that trooped_again's post are all wonderful and interesting, the only ting is I have a real problem reading them due to his rather hypnotic avatar. has anyone else had this problem.

    [​IMG] The non-offending article
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Did you say something MIKH?
  3. I'm amazed how something so big can fit into such a small area, with motion. what was the question again???
  4. oh yes. I dont mind it. Not as good as the real thing (er in doors)
  5. You after brownie points PO_S.

    btw We were giving you moral support (in your absence) in lthe chatroom last night, rosie became quite miffed about it.
  6. yes she told me. she's such a sensitive person living in her fairy tale land hiding behind chocolate button walls and sitting under the overhang of oversized muffins.

    Did you know She has written a book titled "The Ideal world According to Rosie" (Load of Boll**ks, really)
  7. I second mikh, Rosie got quite miffed when we agreed about your reply to one of her posts. And shouldn't that be oversized murkins??
  8. Tuesday.
    oh god

    Soft, milky,!
  9. Well, its artistic.

  10. er dog, I have enough problems with trooped, so what was it you said
  11. Errr - sorry haven't got a clue...what was this thread about again?

  12. *gulp*
  13. Great innit?
  14. Kinell!!
  15. You've got to admit, that is one hell of a way to heat up a Babys Bag Meal!!
  16. Hope you've all had your dinner!

  17. Bad Dog, very BAD Dog, corner now
  18. Doesn't that belong in "the truth behind the user name" BBD? :D
  19. Hubba Hubba!

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