Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Spidiver, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. It would appear yet again that the trolls have infested the site..

    Father Shitmas is yet another reincarnation of a spastic that has caused a few of the regulars to decide to **** off elsewhere.

    RR can either become the home for Trolls..or can take a more active stance on banning the *******.
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  2. From your IP address
  3. My Ignore list count is rising!
  4. Ignore list is for winners :)
  5. Maybe my ignorance is bliss, but I find some of the members with quite big post counts seem to have a problem with a lot of my threads when i'm just trying to find out as much as possible and get all the niggling questions answered that are daft to ring up afco about every 5 minutes
  6. Neanderthal is more suiting?
  7. And Khaki I'd warrent.

    And maybe a bit of a ****?
  8. Because we just racked up at Raleigh and got on with it, every new day a challenge we all relished.
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fathershitmas is yet another no-one looking for reactions and thinking he's the mutts nuts. He's not even witty. Although entertaining (as i like watching mongs dribble) it does become rather tiresome as they think they are being original and funny. It's the online equivalent of a stroke.
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  11. We can spot them quick enough Spi, so should the mods and bin them at the earliest, that shitmas is still posting proves they are not.
    While I am here, despite Bobs post there are still people crayoning on threads in the serious section, you know who you are so give it a rest FFS.

    Edited to add , just spotted shitmas is banned, not before time.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2012
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  12. true, but everyone was in the same boat ( get it ;) ). I don't want to turn up in my shirt to an assesment weekend to find everyone else in a suit, for example
  13. What the **** does that mean "everyone was in the same boat". Aren't they now?
    It' called commonsense, do you need telling what to wear for certain occasions?
    We weren't telepathic back in the day, we followed the protocols of the time.
    Try it.
  14. I'm fuckin sorry Jim but I keep having flashbacks to other threads.
    Bad Rumrat.
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  15. I blame MLP
  16. Misnomer, you will probably make it as a Rupert.
  17. Correct Wits, obviously studying Meeja or Guatemalan socio/economic studies or suchlike.

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