Troll deletion and Billy cocking around in London

Covent Garden all afternoon. Got "volunteered" to assist an Australian escapologist with his act. Never lashed a bloke up in 40 feet of chains and padlocks before....... an interesting experience....phots later when I can nick WolfPackLeaders mobile. Them again perhaps I should keep them private. I was getting into it a bit too much. Almost strangled the poor git.

Here's an idea. While you're doing a gaff up.... Put sticky back plastic all over it and everyone thinks it's finished. These windows are not real, but you'd never think it. Covent Garden this afternoon.
WolfPackLeader almost shat herself when I purchased tickets for the cable car over the river.
It was a bit windy and we shared a cabin with a bundle of foreign types. One lady screamed her tits off through that letter box bit in her head wrapper...which amused me greatly.
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