Troll deletion and Billy cocking around in London

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Putzifly, Jul 22, 2016.

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  1. Will these two see a new beginning to well-intentioned free-speech?
    Are those days of innocent, harmless humour ever to return?
    MLP thinks not seemingly.
    Who remembers Charlie Williams, that Black, British, brilliant comedian?
    Sitting in the audience once being entertained by him, he pointed to the white lady sitting next to me and said Missus....
    I didn't see you laughing. I'll find out where you live and come and buy a house next door.
  2. Oh so so true. We have become liberal/Politically correct to the point of absurdity.
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  3. I reckon Boris and Donald are shape shifting aliens,come to take over the world.They just haven't got the hair thing right...;)
  4. You forgot the punchline , I'll find out where you live and come and buy a house next door....
    that'll bring thee rent down.
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  5. 'Hair' today, gone tomorrow?
  6. That moment when the Presidential candidates fart mutates into a follow through.

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  7. As someone on the news quiz said.' A great name for a man with a mouth like a startled anus'...:)
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  8. Thanks! I knew someone would remember. Charlie Williams was a first class chap, colour notwithstanding
  9. Saw Charlie Williams at Sandown Pier some years ago. Like the occasion described by Putzifly, he picked on a white lady in the audience who was laughing hysterically at his humour. "Eh, lass, don't worry. Ah won't eat thee. We gave that up years ago."
  10. I was surprised to learn from my Yorkshire wife that he was one of the first Black professional footballers. He played for Doncaster Rovers following war-time service down the pit. His father served in the Royal Engineers during WW2. What an incredible man he was, poking fun at himself and kindly fun at anyone else. He was awarded a MBE for his charitable work.
  11. So... even though he's black, he's OK?

    Just fucking wow. :(
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  12. No slur intended.
    The reference to colour related to the situation in 1950ish when it did matter to some people.
    So far as Charlie Williams was concerned, he was loved by all---colour notwithstanding.
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  13. I saw Charlie Williams in the theater in Albert Road Southsea and had the pleasure of a drink and a chat with him in the pub over the road
  14. It was the 1970's FFS!
    Charlie Williams was just one of "The Comedians" in a pretty awful TV show of that name.
    Another "star" of that show was the lovable Bernard Manning.

    * At least get his name right :oops:
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  15. [​IMG]

    What the f*ck? Boris and Donald? Charlie Wilson?
    Charlie Williams?

    Burn this thread with fire.
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  16. Charlie Wilson was one of the Great Train Robbers.
  17. I do hope that this was just a simple case of you not quite understanding what you typed.
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is it fair to say the doddery auld racist cunt @Putzifly has exposed himself AGAIN as a trolling dick?
  19. MOD Edit:

    Warnings not heeded, bye bye.
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