triskaidekaphobia or unlucky for some 13

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. whilst on 809/736 sqdn we lost 2 Buccaneers call sign 229 and 634 never had a call sign that added up to the dreaded 13 again?
  2. 899 used to have 712 1/2 rather than 713, load of bolloxs if you ask me -
  3. hi shag not if you ejected is it
  4. I think that one of them was Charlly Bicks cab?
    Being as he used to turn to off watch to clean and maintain it I seem to remember him being more than a little pissed off.
  5. how is the fear of a number rational,

    obviously the numbers C126 and c57 get me shittin meself

    13 bah humbug never

    right where is that lucky horseshoe - ahh there it is - up the black cats arse
  6. slim remember him showering with his n/m 8s on and not collecting his pay for 3 months as he was too busy
  7. Charley was a character, always had a red car, used to drive like he was the only one on the road. He was a good man to have with you though.
    Remember some Chief tiff upset him on board the Eagle, Charley picked him up in one hand and dangled him over the flight deck, for some reason Charley didn't end up in the shit.
  8. slim 229 was L/T CDR Mears/ L/T CDR White ejecting successfully in the Moray Firth 63/ and 634 was a terrible day L/T CDR Watson /L/T Hulme 65 at Tain Range who both perished remember it rained all day at the funeral at Lossie Cemetry /best wishes scouse
  9. Just as a interest item

    I was on Hermes in 1962 for the 2nd Commission? I have a photo of me
    standing in front of a Gannet AEW with a serial No 428
    the Gannets belonged to 849 squadron any chance of finding out its
    history or giving us a lead .

    Also had Scimitars[803] Vixens[892] Wessex [814] and a couple of Whirlwinds for SAR .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  10. greenie go to /sea your history 849 squadron line book/ also go to Sea vixen carrier home it will tell you about every Sea Vixen that ever flew and what happened to it /all the best scouse/pinkey
  11. My house number is.... wait for it.... 13 :biggrin:

    Don't worry, since living there I have had to have my house underpinned and am about to have the process repeated. Since moving I have also been diagnosed with a number of chronic diseases. That said I regard it as PURE COINCIDENCE! :roll:

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