Triple action can spanner


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Still had can spanners in some crates in the early 70's, they were gradually replaced during that time. I recall the cans of goffa from the NAAFI had ring pulls but not all the beers had them. I've got Double Diamond crates with can spanners fixed in my head for some reason.


On my first couple of ships it was definitely can spanners, changing to ring pulls during the mid-70s. On the Matapan in late '76 doing trials in the SWAPPS, one of the ABs in our mess had to be casevac'd off the ship by a cab from Seahawk because he'd opened a tinny, put the ring pull back in the tin, and swallowed it as he took his final couple of gulps. The killick scablifter couldn't dislodge it without causing more damage so up went the lad in the stretcher, in the pitch black! I remember the skipper being highly unamused, we'd been heading west but had to head back east at speed, setting our programme back. When the lad rejoined the ship in Guzz he was marched up to the skippers cabin to make his humble apologies........

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