Trinity Militray Insurance (Chichester) - RUBBISH SERVICE


Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have just had occasion to try and claim against my forces travel policy issued by Trinity Insurance of Chichester. They use an underwriter called Millstream, from Hadeligh in Essex. I understand that they are new underwriters.

If you are thinking of using them please note that:

> It took 4 phone calls to get a claim form sent through.
> Millstraem does not return phone calls
> Employ people who have no idea about the needs of the military or the unique demands placed upon us.
> Demanded a letter from a senior officer to say i had made the flight desite numerous other supporting information.

Crucially for any flight (RAF, Commercial, Helo etc etc) they require a BOARDING CARD as proof of flight before they will pay. So next time you jump on a Seaking in Basra or Helamand make sure you ask the aircrew man for the baording card in case you need to make a clain on yoru insurance policy....

... or oyu could just ensure with someone else! :(
Re: Trinity Militray Insurance (Chichester) - RUBBISH SERVIC

Getting feedback about companies like this is good, but please remember libel law if you post on here: basically is must be true and wild accusations or pointless whinges will be deleted.

Thank you to Navy1 for a straight forward informative post. I hope the claim and complaints to them go well.
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