Trimaran Triton in OZ

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by F169, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. This is what happened to the trimaran, apologies if someone else has posted on here about it. I wonder what the trials results in UK mean for future FF builds? The big news point in OZ seems to be that it will be able to hold up to 30 illegal fishermen on board and bizarrely is referred to as a prison hulk!

  2. Trials results were fine. If you wanted to build one you could. Question is whether the speed requirement is necessary or whether you would go to the additional expense in UPC in the current climate. It's a niche hullform - you wouldn't use it for a carrier or amphib, you might use it for an OPV, but we seem to be toppers with them at the minute.
  3. I think the now defunked FSC was going to be a trimaran design. Will be interesting to see if they carry the idea over to whatever they eventually decide will take up the mantle.
  4. One of the concept designs was a Tri a few years back and if/when the IPT stands up again next year then there might be another. Would be a bit surprised though. As long as we don't do something stupid like the yanks and DDG1000...........
  5. Like build a really expensive class of vessel and then order fewer and fewer numbers of them at ever rising cost until it all looks a bit silly?

    God forbid we ever do that...

  6. You can't possibly be talking about our world beating AAW ship which stands ready to defend the fleet during the air cover gap are you? The ship that costs a fortune through amortising an entire combat system development programme and the Great White Turbine and then we go and reduce the numbers and are surprised the unit costs rise?

  7. On another note... if the Triton makes such a good patrol vessel, why on earth didn't we use her?? Wasn't she built with QuinetiQ money? (Oh yes, that is now a private company...).
  8. All is not quite as it seems. If you check the vessels class notation, she's "restricted service". The main engines have interesting histories as well........

    She was built as a trials vessel, with the lowest scantlings that could be achieved in order to replicate stress at scale. Not supposed to stand up to years of battering in the North Sea or SWAPPS. Thats one reason MoD bit VTs hand off when they offered the lease deal on the Rivers....
  9. Aaaah, now I see. Thanks. I must admit I do wonder why we don't get more of the Clyde's (the new version with the flightdeck).

  10. Give it time… some VSO's think 12 of them would make good police action gunboats instead of using T23's. OPV(H) would fit in as the C3 combatant in the latest review due out shortly. There is room in the basic design for a more warlike weapons fit.

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