Trident Strategy viz Independance

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Probably factually correct as a bit of top-line assessment goes but highly unlikely in the context of the significant damage to employment/Scottish economy if
    a) the Jocks did vote for independence
    b) they then decided to close Faslane down

    There must be other options south of the border aside from the obvious ones that the MoD have chosen to share with the meeja and, even if there aren't, surely our US allies would never permit the UK to lose the deterrent - options to lease space/capability in US facilities perhaps?
  2. The option for the UK to maintain the nuclear deterrent allows them to have a say at the big boys table, the committees’ that are attended by only nuclear deterrent owning counties.
    To lose it would be political slamming our top Brass and politician’s would not want to have to take , so whether in the public domain or not I am sure they will be a policy/stratergy somewhere of what to do if we cast Scotland adrift.
  3. Given the political drive to save money and the sheer deceiptfulness of Cameron, ably tutored by Bliar, he'd turn up to the Top Table with a picture of Trident stating that with defence cuts, he could blow up the picture if they liked. Anything to keep our seat.
  4. I have been into the heartland of Scotland quite recently in as much visiting family.
    Despite the insistence of Comrade Salmon to include the 16-17 year olds in his bid to become "king "of Scotland, it is predicted amongst the masses I met he will fail.
    He sees his plan to allow the lower life forms to vote as cunning but it may well bite him yet.
    As in any place within the UK the minority have a good voice and the majority as usual remain silent. The young educated Scot of which there are many in rural quarters are far from the calibre of those Salmon depends on and more profuse. They know that Independence will in its first rush give Scotland a push up the ladder of recognition.
    They also see the snake waiting at the top as first rushes usually give way to reality, like buying a house and three months later there is more to pay than the mortgage.
    Turn outs for the elections that have given rise to the SNP have not been anywhere near dense, but on an issue of the magnitude of Independence this is sure to be the case. Brave heart may be a film that pushes propaganda at the susceptible, but most Scots are well aware of the reality of a divided Kingdom and the pitfalls that come with the package.
    So although contingency plans may be prudent, the reality is it is doubtfull they will ever be more than that,.....plans.
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  5. If (when) he gets the No vote, has he said what his future plans for Scotland are. I've heard shedloads of spin and rhetoric if they get Independance but nothing about the SNP plans if it goes pete tong. I assume another re-worded referendum and so on until he hears what he wants?
  6. Rummers
    I had some comment to make about you north of the boards and family but after BOB slating yesterday we had better stay on track.
    Good balanced view with emphasise in any real direction
  8. Another brick not yet in the wall is that of finance.
    Two companies that relatives of mine work for have more than suggested to its employees that upon Independence all UK instigated tax concessions would cease. ( Government incentives to move north to ease low employment areas)
    In these conditions if the newly formed republic would not/ could not maintain the concessions they would cut and run.

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