Trident safe?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dublinclontarf, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. All conjecture, smoke and mirrors.

    All will be revealed at the end of the month when SDSR gets published and then promptly overturned when the next government takes post (or am I being cynical)
  2. The LiB Dems are very lukewarm about Trident so I suspect it is Tory policy to proceed but not until after the next election.
  3. Is that the first time a politician has ever answered a straight question with a direct answer? I think that's more news worthy than the trident replacement!
  4. The Lib Dems will do as they are bloody well told.
  5. Lets face it, the Lib Dems are almost a non-entity as we may as well consider the Govt to be a Tory one with hangers on rather than the strong Coalition that was touted.

    To consider anything to be truly safe would probably be premature indeed
  6. If they dont order till after the next election they need to order another "Astute" so the skill base at Barrow isnt losted and the factories and machine arnt demolished or scrapped. (Hence the big gap between V and A boats)
  7. Aye skills loss is a big problem. The old Lairds yard found that problem apparently, when they were given the module contracts for the Carriers. Luckily the place has been doing the RFA work for years so it wont be too much of an uphill crawl.
  8. Not for the buggers on the other end of it. :)
  9. Would they prefer to be blasted to eternity by a guided missile or blasted to maternity by a guided muscle? but only if they got family allowance :D
  10. Trident safe - just announced by SoS at Conference.
  11. Get your bag doc and get over to "A career for Life" its urgent. :D
  12. That sounds like it in a nutshell if the Chancellor gets his way with the defence budget not the Treasury paying for it.It's probley what they had in mind all along, the rest is just mood music.
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    “And let me say very clearly to pensioners if you have a Conservative Government your Winter Fuel Allowance, your bus pass, your Pension Credit, your free TV licence all these things are safe. You can read my lips, that is a promise from my heart. Don’t believe the lies you’re being told by the Labour Party just because they’ve got nothing positive to say.†David Cameron March 2010

    "Mr Cameron yesterday refused explicitly to protect any universal payouts apart from the state pension, and Government sources confirmed that cuts to child benefit and the winter fuel allowance were 'firmly on the table'" October 2010

    Read more:

    Snakes, all of them, was the promise preceded by "read my lips"? If so Trident is doomed.
  14. Reminds me of Bill Clinton "Read my lips, I did not have a sexual relationship with this woman"

    Obviously polly speak for "I am lying through my teeth"

  15. He didnt, she had them with him :)
  16. Right he didn't say that, the quote came for the last idiot in chief's Daddy's mouth George H.W. Bush in 1988 "read my lips no more taxes" not cock. :lol:
  17. Ah! But we have a COALITION Government, therefore he wasn't strictly lying!

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