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"Trident Protesters Renew Call For Nuclear Disarmament During Blockade At Faslane"

do these people understand the word 'DETERRENT'? The chances of using these weapons are so minute because of MAD. Mutually Assured Destruction, you punch us we will punch you back harder. And they are not illegal at all. It just irratates me the blind ignorance of some people simply because they do not understand the use and role that they play in our nations defence! Right rant of the day over now


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As these CND traitors can't win the argument on logic, they resort to lies, which are the standard weapon of the Left.


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As these CND traitors can't win the argument on logic, they resort to lies, which are the standard weapon of the Left.

**** all else to do at easter.;-P


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Love, Peace, Protest, Scrounge, don't wash, yeah man. Feel like going in under
the wire? Sign up, pick an apt UserName and join in the fight against the

UK Hippy

(I just might sign up and play the game).

Any other volunteers?
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At this time of night? And after those Flower people/Hortiscrobularists you led us all into?

Back from convalescence at Weston-Super-Dooper?

Is your knee now out of the sling and is that you back on middles/mornings?

We need to know, some others of us have grand-daughers to lock up, too, you know.......


War Hero
Errrrr......morning. Yep - I do remember the Battle Royale 'twixt RR and The Flower Pots
some time ago. In fact, I've just been back to the flower forum .....but I can't remember
my password. It's kinda quiet this Night-Shift so I'm just passing the time. I reckon some
two-faced double agent dobbed us in with the Garage forecourt flower haters anyway.
This hippy forum? Seems like a good idea when your knackered as a bagful of knackered
things and topped up with cheap coffee.
I still might.
Apologies for the "War of the Geraniums" though!


p.s. Mind you, I'll bet a quid to pinch of sh*t that there's a few "UserNames"
on hippy dot co dot uk that are, shall we say, keeping tabs on their activities
or my names not ***********(at)GCHQ dot mod dot gov dot co dot mil dot uk.
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