Trident Delays

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by alfred_the_great, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Delay now pay much more later . it does look like appeasement to me
  2. Well;
  3. Errrrr 5 years thats just about enough time to slope it off until after next general election.Then blame it all on the other lot that replaces you if it all goes tits up.Standard NATO procedure for those that would lead us. :wink:
  4. And pretty much what the last lot did by not having an SDSR for 12 years and also committing UK plc to a spending plan that was unsustainable.

    Anyone for tennis? Deuce!
  5. So we are agreed then standard NATO practice for those that lead us. :lol:
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Cost arguments apart, what is most important is where this leaves the first patrol for the new boats (after all the usual building delays that stretch out whatever date is first announced), and whether the last Vs can cope so long. As it is the plan for the new boats will have to be synched with whatever will be happening in the world of missile development.
  7. Nice one BS I see you appreciate duplicity in all it's mired forms.My service if you please.
    Question. If Labour's spending was so wildly out of control,why did the Tories promise to match Labours spending plans,pound for pound,all the way until November 2008? expecting top spin :lol:
  8. Politics is a dirty and underhand game, best left to rogues and scoundrels (of whatever political hue)
  9. We agree once more
    One more ball before I have a cup of tea.Not a peep from Osborne or Camerplonker about the banking crisis until after the crash only Vince Cable's voice was heard.Surely the trick is to try at least to close the stable door before the horse legs it.
  10. I can do no better than to refer my learned friend to my previous comment.
  11. w.anchor . I'm not making excuses for the unctious bugger but perhaps he was being careful not to trigger the avalanche? When a company is close to bankruptcy, a big hint from an "insider" can set off the event everyone may be trying to avoid.
  12. Right so that's OK then but why did it take them 13 years and a crash to get around to stepping up to the plate?
    Amended to add you could also extend that logic to Broon,but some how it just don't stack up do it :eek:ccasion7:
  13. Ace to bace :salute:

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