I was just showing my brother (An RAF Officer) the different uniforms the navy wear. We were looking at No 3s and saw that down at the bottom it says that GDR can be warn with a tricorne!

Is this for real? If so, does anybody choose this option or have you seen anybody wearing one? I presumed these things had gone out about 150 years ago. It has ocurred to me that this may be the name for the female hats though.
Previously covered here although WRNS officers and senior rates have still worn tricorns since being assimilated into the mainstream RN.

(Edited to make more sense in view of TattooDog's post.)
Foxy, you are correct - female officers and senior rates wear tricorne hats.

They can be worn with GDR in the same way that male officers and senior rates can wear peaked caps with GDR.

Edited to add: If you look at the piccies of female officers and senior rates, they are wearing tricorne hats.
ok thanks for explaining it. I'm somewhat reassured. The idea of officers wearing big old fashioned hats was quite amusing.

I Hadn't really looked closely enough at the female hats to realise the brim was turned up on 3 sides.


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