Tributes to motorcycle death boys


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Are you sure you don't live in manchester slim :tool: :spam2:

No, however I was on the Manchester and did visit the city, thoroughly enjoyed the place and the natives were extremely friendly. We docked in Liverpool because we couldn't get under some motorway bridge. So also had a couple or runs in Liverpool, and I bet you won't expect this from me, I found the natives friendly and the nightlife great. Now excuse me as I must go and wash my mouth out. :thumright:

Who was the most friendly the scousers of the mancs :toothy7:

Probably tha Mancs as it was HMS Manchester, however had it been HMS Liverpool visiting I'm fairly certain that it would have been the scousers. :thumright:


My tuppence....

Whilst I dont wish them dead, I think its a joke when the news headline of "Tributes pour in for 2 crash victims" when in actual fact the story is about 2 thieves who couldnt handle their swag and ended up 6 feet under. What kind of tributes were they? About their skills at robbery? How impressive their truency record was?

I absolutely agree that tough sentences need to be dished out to those drink driving, joy riding, driving whilst disqualified etc. Usually just ends up in an extended ban, but these idiots dont have any intention of getting a license in the first place.

I do feel sorry for their loved ones (well, the ones who acted responsibly round them and attempted to give a shiite about them, whether that be all their family or just some of them), but Im sorry - I dont feel sorry for them one bit. If you cant stand the heat, dont ask the Devil to dance <is that a real saying?>