Tributes to motorcycle death boys

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Where does it say they stole the bike. It only says they have traced the owner. He/She may have let them use it.
  2. Whether they had permission or not, they didnt have a licence and certainly should not of been riding such a powerful bike on the public roads.

    If the owner leant the bike to them then he/she should be charged too.
  3. they may have been scum as you say,,,, slim.. but they are stil some ones SONS.... they will be missed and no one should have to suffer the loss of a child..........
  4. If this is the case the owner should be prosecuted for manslaughter. However I doubt it. This was an extremely powerful machine, I have ridden motorcycles since the age of 16, passing my test well before the age of 17. However having not ridden a powerful bike for several years I would certainly need more than a few miles to familiarise myself with a machine of this type.
  5. Am not condoneing there actions, I fully agree with you my point is people seem to think because they are young thay must off robbed it when it says no where in the artical that they had stolen it.
  6. Yes they will be missed. However what did the parents do to ensure that their children grew up corretly?

    Edited to add further link.

    These kids were riding without either licence or insurance, what if they had killed a child or worse a group of innocent children?

    Further edited for more info

    Seems it was his fathers bike, which he had taken (stil theft as far as I am concerned).
  7. Carlm

    I think you will find that a person cannot lend a M/C to person's who are 15 and 16, not insured and have no driving licence under English/Welsh law. It is like a girl of 15 cannot consent to having sexual intercourse even if she says yes. The law prevents people agreeing to unlawful acts in many cases.

    So if they had hit you causing injuries that disabled you for life to who's insurance would you be looking to support you for the rest of your life??

  8. I too worry about that... i try my all the things that a good parent should.. but what happens when they leave, go outside of my control.. when they meet others who seem fun and exciting...Some times i worry that my children are NOT so streetwise....this can too can have its problems.. Where can we draw the line.........
  9. Having now read a lot more of the incident I apologise for stating that their deaths would stop them stealing other machines.
    However what they did cannot be excused, too often kids are on the roads without licence or insurance and frequently because of their inexperience are involved in accidents.
    In this case it was crass stupidity, a case when the parents are away kids will play. Unfortunately the kids paid for the experience rather heavily. Thankfully though no innocent bystanders were involved.
  10. Am not saying that because someone may have lent them it was ok for them to drive it, I just didn't like they way people were making assumptions that the bike had been stolen just because they are young when it did not say that. This seems to be happening a lot I was on my way to the gym the other day on my bike and got stopped by the police who told me that I was acting suspicious I’m not against the police stopping and searching people but I can safely say that if I was older I would not have been stopped. Sorry if I didn’t explain myself correctly.
  11. Carl

    If a person cannot give you permission, even if they are the owner, and you go and take/ride the bike you have stolen it. The basis being that the person cannot lawfully give you consent to take it because you are under age and not insured. This is an extract from the theft act

    "Subject to subsections (5) and (6) below, a person shall be guilty of an offence if, without having the consent of the owner or other lawful authority, he takes any conveyance for his own or another’s use or, knowing that any conveyance has been taken without such authority, drives it or allows himself to be carried in or on it."

    It is theft both driver and passenger

  12. How the f**k can the death of two boys (15yo and 16yo) be topical? It doesn't matter what they did, now that they are dead!
  13. Carl
    I was just over sixteen and a half when I passed my motorcycle test. In those days learners were restricted to 250cc machines and could carry a passenger if that passenger held a full licence. I had many mates with provisional licences and frequently rode on the pillion with them. For about three months we were stopped by every plod in the area. After that they knew that we were legal, never stopped us but often gave us a friendly wave. The roads in those times were far safer, at 16 we were not better riders than the 16 year old of today, however we certainly did not have the traffic to contend with. The biggest problem I see with young riders is that they try to impress their friends and any bit of fanny that is near them. We used to do it in our day and probably got away with it due to light traffic conditions. These days modern roads are not so forgiving.
  14. Of course it's topical, as is:
    Police Harrassment

    Or do you wish to stick to topics like
    Basket weaving
    Furry Pussy Cats
    Cake Decorating
    Nursing the infirm
  15. well said pinta.... knew you would see sence
  16. I hope not to see you too soon Slim!
  17. =) Hope not Aussie, I bet you would give me a freezing cold bed bath
  18. They took the vehicle without the owners consent- illegal
    They rode the bike with no liscense-illegal
    They had no Insurance-illegal.

    Cant see what the problem is,they stole a motorbike and rode it illegally on the Highway and payed the penalty.I call that Natural Justice.
  19. yes they may have been thieves but to wish people dead what a very strange attitude. I hope for your sake that any members of their families are not RR members, because you would deserve any backlash.

    (in the past you have taken great delight pointing out spelling errors on my posts, but all I can say is make sure you are whiter that white before picking people up, all I can say is I comes before the E

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