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thought i would post this.A graphic documentary of the Coventry I personally have never seen this on TV or you tube( ive surfed all the British and Argentine categories over the years ) i found it on page 39 of the Royal Navy category posted by a guy called oddball. its in 6 videos which are linked.

There are little mistakes by the actors putting that aside but i feel it reflects the total professionalism of those involved ,our present serving members, and a good insight to future newbies, its as real as it can be with out experiencing it in person

With Respect HMS Coventry and MV Atlantic Conveyor 25th May 1982


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T'was on BBC2 either 06 or 07 - coincided with the publication of David Hart-Dyke's book. I recorded it at the time and still have it. If you fancy a copy PM me.



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I came across these videos a few weeks ago and found them very interesting and instightful. As a potential officer, I look forward to continuing in the same traditions and and with the same professionalism. I will wear my uniform with pride!