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This following was read out yesterday as it is each year, at the Annual Remembrance Service of the Merseyside Submariners Association at the 800 year old St. Nick's, the Sailors Church, at the Pier Head, Liverpool. Thought it merited a few moments of reflection for those went before us and gave their all.

When Britain seeks to carve it’s name on History's bloodstained roll;
It can point with pride to it's submarines "Dear God" you took your toll.
It was said they were damned un-English a weapon to be abhorred.
But in a world where you fight for your freedom that's a view you just can't afford.
So in trying to balance life's budget when we sit down and add up the cost.
High up on the list is the price we paid the eighty two boats that we lost.

The first on the roll was the "Oxley" then "Seahorse" "Undine" and Starfish"
"Thistle", "'Tarpon" and "Sterlet," then "Unity" and "Seal" was God's wish.
One after the other went, “Odin" then “Grampus" "Orpheus" and "Shark
The "Salmon" the "Phoenix" and then came the "Thames" no wonder the future looked dark.

The "Narwhal" the "Oswald" and "Spearfish" and little "H49" too
The "Rainbow", "'Triad" and "Swordfish" our country was paying it's due
"Regulus", "'Triton", "Snapper" and "Usk", "Undaunted", "Umpire" as well
"Union", "Cachalot.", "P33" all sailing their own road to hell.

We lost "P32" and the “Tetrarch†the “Perseus†and “P31â€
"The "Triumph", the “Tempest" and “P38" and sadly the list just goes on
There was “P39†and "P36" “Pandora" and "Upholder" too"
“Urge", "Olympus" and "P514", ."Thorn" and “Talisman" long overdue
"Unique", "Unbeaten" and "Utmost." then the turn of “P222"
"Traveller", "P48" and "P311" Lord is this what you want us - to do

Then came "Vandal", "Tigris", "Thunderbolt.", "Turbulent.", "Regent." as well.
With "P615†"Splendid", “Sahib†all bowing to fates awesome knell.

The "Untamed", the "Parthian" and "Saracen" then X-Crafts "9", "8" and "5"
Followed by "6" then "7" then "10" yes Lord they'd done their last dive
"Usurper" the "Trooper" the next was "Simoon", "X22" also was lost.
And the Ex-German "Graph" then made her last dive we earned freedom at a terrible cost
"Stonehenge", "Sirtis" and "Sickle" Please God! just how many more
Then "Stratagem" went to her resting place on that far distant hostile shore.

And so we near the end of the roll our White Ensign proud at Half Mast
Right, to the end our submarines paid for the "Porpoise" was the last.
Each year we gather at Blockhouse and ask that their memories be blessed
For we stand proud and tall as old comrades with those dolphins pinned on our chest.

So we who survived now pray to our God "Let our boys grow up to be men"
If we paid the price unflinchingly Dear Lord don't ask them to pay it again.

George Luck DSM
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