tribute for travis mackin

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by chrisj09, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. this might be in the wrong thread but i dont know where else to put it. for those who watched ross kemp in afgahn you would of seen on the last episode a tragic event that ended the life of a 22year old marine "travis mackin". i want to share this tribute video with you guys on rr to show the life of travis as a young marine. the song in the video is sung and wrote by travis's freind sam bruty. he got two of travis's favriot oasis songs and clashed them together. thanks to andy and sam for making the video.

    travis mackin, gone but never forgotten.
  2. Chris,

    I think you are a fine example of what todays teenagers should be, I'm pretty sure XRD will agree after our chat the other night.

    Good lad, well done.
  3. I just cried buckets!
  4. we all did in assembly yesturday, sam came in and played the song live, its such a good song with a lot of thought and effort in. his tragic death and left huge holes in peoples lives. just like any other armed personel.
    and i know we are not american but lets give them a big oooooo arrrr marine.
  5. Must do something about the dust round here......just got some in me eye
  6. Quality post there Chris.

  7. Yes a great post and moving too
  8. Chris.

    Words cannot express how sad i feel for you and Travis' family and i voice the many comments made reference a fine tribute to such a well regarded Royal Marine.

  9. A fitting tribute to a real Royal Marine hero...R.I.P.
  10. Christ, it just got very smoky in here....
  11. Hey all

    I made the tribute video for Travis, and I just want to say thanks to Chris for getting it out there. He is a top lad, and if anyone deserves to get into the navy; its him. Good luck mate.

    Due to some unknown reason that link is now inactive, I re-uploaded the video here:

    R.I.P Travis

  12. Your a top man Andy , I just wept buckets mate , work with Travis's Mum at Derriford , what a tragedy this is for the whole family , Debbie , Corben , Milo and Laura , heart goes out to all of them , A Fine Royal Marine .
    RIP Travis , job done , stand easy mate :salute:
  13. just thought id let everyone know. today it has been 1 year since the tragic death of marine travis mackin
    thoughts are with his family.

    RIP lad
    we will never forget you
  14. The new link isnt working again either

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