Triathlon members...

Hi, I'm just wondering if there is anyone on here who is in the RN triathlon club? I've been looking at the site and it sounds like a good support network for triathletes. Just wondering, what do people do with their bikes etc during RN training? And how many members are there? I've seen that there are people training together around Raleigh, does that happen at Dartmouth too?

Thanks :)
I was a member for several years, being drafted to obscure places I didn't get together for any training sessions, but the insurance side of life was a good bonus for training and competing. Also the name itself was a laugh, coming into transition you'd often hear the commentator trying to come to terms with the title of the club...." Competitor 44555...from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Endurance Trialthlon Association is...." by which time you were on your bike and 400yds up the road.
Haha, yeah that would be comical. I'd love to work up to the olympic distance to compete in the inter-service comp. Can't find any info on the insurance though. Is that what the membership fee goes towards then in case you get injured or cause an accident?

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