Tree Hugging Protestors: How to deal with them

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by POSMCEW, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Why is it that only the people of this great nation put up with protestors?

    No one else in the world seems to put up with them, well I have an idea as to how to deal with the annoying tree huggers;

    Once arrested lets send them out to Iran too protest about their Nuclear program and see how far they get ! (Could even take Faye with them, she seems to know the right people !)

    Any further options would be great !
  2. Most tree huggers seem to be allergic to soap… just wave bars of Imperial Leather in their faces
  3. Here's an even easier idea.

    Just shoot them. :twisted:

    On a more serious note, I don't really mind protestors too much as long as they are not disrupting public order. When they start trying to force their opinion on others by blocking the roads as they have done in Faslane, then it really detracts attention away from the logic of their argument. Just gets people's backs up, too.
  4. If they’re on benefits, stop their benefits (they should be spending their time looking for a job). If they’re foreigners, deport them and stop them from entering the country for the next five years. A little harsh, may be: Effective, yes.
  5. In reality most countries that allow free speach have protesters, the habit is very common in both Europe and the USA, now some are not 'tree huggers' one could never suggest that Frog farmers or fishermen fell into that category but some are just as some here are.

    The right to protest is important for us all, but there are some protests one agrees with and some one doesn't, that's life.

    Peaceful protest and civil disobediance is OK as long as you are prepared to take the downside and do the time or pay the fine. On the other hand violent behaviour, agression and intimidation are not and should be stamped out much harder than currently done. Some types of protest seem to attract that kind of behaviour so if you get caught up in it you have only yourself to blame. Having for example been pretty close to the last G* stuff far more should have been rounded up and dealt with rather than been given free campsites.

    It was the right to protest that recently allowed the residents of Garelochead to march in protest to the tree huggers camp at Faslane to protest about the contiouos disruption of their lives by the Faslane protests, and it would appear they did make their point with the 'peace' camp.
  6. What annoys me about the Faslane peace protestors is the way that they blame the local disruptions (that they cause) on everyone else but themselves.
  7. Deal with Tree Huggers the same way we deal with dead trees, chop them down, shove them through a shredder or burn them or use weed killer.

    Alternatively, Id go with just shooting them or riot wagon and water cannons.

    We could also split them into small groups and put them in rooms with 'pro-xxxxxx' demonstrators - now that would be good sport and worth watching :twisted:
  8. The recent protest by the locals which stopped the peaceniks doing what they wanted has had an impact from recent interviews with a peace camp spokesman. The Garelochead resident did quite a good job with lots of young kids with plackards about being alowed to go to school.
  9. What about the slippery elm ?
  10. Nice. I went down south over Easter and must have missed that. Does that mean Faslane 365 is no more?
  11. No but they will be trying not to piss of the non uniformed locals quite as much in the future. The only thing I can see in favour of Faslane 365 is it seems to have kept CAT away from our gates for a bit.
  12. No .... 365 doesnt end until October, unless they all get arrested first, or a second time, as the first time they let them go to save clogging up Dumbarton Sheriffs Court !

    But just think if you were a copper you would be raking in the overtime, off public money, of course ! Yes the same money that the great unwashed are banging on about the government wasting on Trident. Well stop the protesting, pack up and piss off and then the million a month spent on policing the protests (Not that it does any good) can be spent on more buckets of sunshine !!!! Simple !!
  13. Lost a couple of bank holiday weekends myself in 83, sitting on roofs watching the campers trying to get in. If I recall correctly, the biggest laugh was that a couple of them actually got over the fence in the mod plods dog pound near the north gate,,, they got out again rather fast...
  14. Personally, I'm perfectly happy for protestors to protest. It's caled "living in a free democracy". One of the greatest injustices carried out by the muppetry in the Commons was banning protests around the Houses and Downing Street. So they disrupt the normal flow of life, so what? I couldn't hear many complaints from anyone, civvies or matelots, about the Faslane protests. But look at the evidence: what damage has been done by the protests? None. What have the protestors gained from their road hugging? Nothing. Have the protests kept the debate going on the biggest single expenditure in the Defence Equipment budget? You betcha, like it oughta.

    To paraphrase Voltaire: "I may disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it". Free speech has been eroded more and more by a Labour government that has single-handedly done more damage to civil liberties in the UK than all previous governments since the Civil War combined.
  15. POSMEW: A-E-M-M: Peter: X4ND

    As I have asked before, but never an answer cos the questions seems to hard for shoot them, hang them and flog them lobby, you would be happy for the following folk, to be shot, Banged Up, sent to Iraqi, deprived of Benefits etc.

    The Countryside Alliance
    National Farmers Union
    Haulage Association
    Parents Protesting O/S Courts where alleged child sex offenders appear
    Coal Miners
    BNP and associated pollies

    All of whom have been responsible for protests and disruptions often with violence over the past few years.

    In fact anyone who protests what ever the merits of the cause or as I have asked before with no response. Is it just a case of one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist.

  16. While your at it, don't forget the few who marched against the war in Iraq in Feb '03....
  17. Interesting thought OSLO, do you by any chance live in Helensburgh or any of the surrounding areas and have to sit in a queue of traffic and wait for plod to sort out the people lying in the road ? Personally I think if they lie in the road they should be used as speed bumps !
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    We don't have protesters in this country, only surrealists.

    In other countries demonstrators storm government buildings or, in some cases, assassinate their leaders. In the UK we throw purple powder and eggs at ours...! :?

    But on a serious note, we have two constitutional rights - freedom to vote and freedom to demonstrate. The less people who use these rights, the quicker and easier these rights will taken away from us.
  19. i think the faslane protesters should go get a wash mabe even a job. and think about the effects if we didnt have trident. i also agree that they should go and protest in iran about the nuke programe there. lol now that wold make for good tv watching
  20. Do you live in London where we have demonstrations just about every day of the year.

    LIVE WITH IT, I spent more time being held up by H & S rules than by demonstators. One set of cones on the A13 in situe for 13 years with no work taking place.


    PS will I ever get an answer to my question or was it to hard.

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