Treatment of Returning Troops

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Complete betrayal of the forces - we're asking people to put their lives at risk for our "national interest" yet when they are seriously injured, they're shit on from a great height.

    I'm also concerned that that the so-called "preferential" NHS treatment offered in Selly Oak, is not available to members of the Reserves despite the desire to remove many of the distinctions between Regular and Reserve.
  2. It's not the fact that there is no military hospital, our people should feel safe in any hospital free from these diseased muslims. They are starting to really get on my tits, never considered myself racist, but this is one race that is pushing it.
  3. I think that tarring all muslims with the same shitty stick is oversimplifying the issue. Yes I agree that our troops should be able to be treated in privacy without the threat of such treatment and abuse, and at the same time I hope that the offender was prosecuted but there is also the fact that in our great brother country over the water there are millions of christian fundamentalists who see it as their god given right to wage holy war against the Muslim religion. At the same time, it is only fair to say that the majority of Muslims and Chrisitans and Jews etc are all decent, law abiding people - In Western Europe and America, but that a vociferous and misguided minority act like *********, piss the rest of us off and give their religion a bad name.
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Wasn't it Voltaire who said "I disagree with your view, but I will fight for your right to defend it"? Unfortunately there are an increasing number of fundamentalists of many types, eg religious, anti-hunting, gay-rights, animal-rights, etc., who while they may be in a minority believe that they have the right to their view, and the right to attack anyone who disagrees with it. Add to these minorities, the crazy obsession of politicians not to upset these minorities and we end up with the majority feeling put upon while minorities seem to get away with murder (sometimes literally).
  5. Flag Wagger,

    Religious rights are enshrined in both European and International law and therefore have special legal status. All religions have the right to, for example, manifest, their beliefs. Muslims have a special duty imposed upon them by the Prophet Mohammed to Command Right and Forbid Wrong. This includes lecturing servicemen who have killed co-religionists - just as Christians and Jews have the same entitlement but grounded upon a different theological criterion.

    When I grew up I was told my my RE teacher that in God's eyes it was less sinful to kill someone that commit a single homosexual act! You may draw you own conclusions from that.

    Religious rights are altogether different from the other minority rights you have mentioned which are not rights protected under either human rights or international law. They are priviledges accorded (or in the case of hunting, denied) to minorities by their states.

  6. He wasn't a bummer????????
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    ARRSE is trying to ramp up the pressure on the treatment of injured soldiers (sailors/airmen/marines). If you feel strongly, whoever is yelling at a sick Para, write to your MP.

    For those of you still serving, it's not the same thing as talking to the media so don't worry. Or just don't mention that you're still in. He or she is still your MP.

    There, I've started it for you.

    Make it so!
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Unless you are in Saudi where you can only manifest your belief if you are a Muslim..... I'm sorry, if we have these so called rights to manifest our beliefs they should be applied equally across all of society. If we're going to have cherry picking of international and national laws then all bets should be off. Until Christianity is recognised and allowed to be freely practised in Islamic countries, then followers of Islam should not expect to be able to dictate what is acceptable in a nominally Christian country.

    I think we should have a corresponding right to smite the preaching infidel right between the eyes :)

    Tolerant type was he? In my opinion, extremism of any variety is morally wrong; proponents of extremism should, in a non-extremist way, be first against the wall... :)
  9. So what's the deal with RNH Haslar? Has it been closed down or hasn't it?
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Royal " " Hospital (note missing Naval) is now administered by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and is under threat of closure based solely on the requirements of the local PCT.
  11. I think the 'Telegraph ' article mentions it as closing and due for sale to a private developer .

    More holiday flats!!
  12. Sad to note that one of our medics has been killed in Iraq by enemy action. I believe that this is the first of the medical fraternity.
  13. I live in Gosport and the whole Haslar closure thing is a pretty emotive subject locally. It changed from being military orientated a few years back and is probably responsible for catering for the needs of more civvies than service personnel.

    Not a racist either; just someone who believes that the people who were born here and who contribute should have first dibs on the services provided ... whatever their race, creed, gender, etc. Those who move in illegally and live off benefits don't deserve the same access. The whole concept of acting as a safe haven was well intentioned but the people in charge of determining those who are genuine and those who aren't are inept and the whole package needs to be pulled down and started from scratch or it will fall down disastrously before long.

    Regarding the medical treatment of service personnel WIA? They should have the very best of treatment and aftercare plus benefits far in excess than what they get now. Nothing should be good enough for them and each should at the very least have a single person (NCO) assigned to look after them throughout. This would be someone who visits regularly, checks pay and allowances entitlement and sorts it out, monitors’ treatment package, fetch's them a few magazines or whatever. Above all someone who is always on the end of a phone when needed. I'm not talking about one person looking after many, but one on one. It would be relatively simple to do and probably worth its weight to the people who count. They don’t even have to be from the same unit.


  14. RN or Brown Job?
  16. I think its all somehow part of a big play down by the instigators of the
    lets send our boys to war /fight in far flung conflicts.

    They shouldn't be there and somehow they shouldn't ever get hurt. When they do get hurt or worse don't tell anyone.

    They never give out casualties injuries either . The unlucky wounded and badly hurt who will have to live with the scars mentally and physically for the rest of their lives .

    The medic was RAMC .

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