Treating an old soul!

I don't know about you but sometimes I get Africa weary,the more money we give the more they seem to need and the appeals keep coming.
Don't get me wrong it's good cause except when a lot is channeled into luxury cars and private jets so.
Saturday at my local I watched an old man counting out his pennies,I asked the Landlord what the script was with him as I've seen him a lot in the corner.
He said he's been ex-Service but didn't know which as he kept things to himself after his wife died and he came in nearly everyday for a bowl of soup as that's all his money would run to.
I told the Landlord to buy him a dinner and pudding saying that some woman was treating a few pensioners.
I was on pretty safe ground knowing he wouldn't,I hope,order a T-Bone! but I tell you I got more satisfaction watching him eat his liver and mash than some of the appeals that I've donated too[ apart from H4H]
The thing that swayed me was he seemed such a happy chap,always had a smile for everyone.
The cynical,part of me thought he's probably loaded under the mattress but it gave me pleasure and it might you if you ever see the same in your local!You may enjoy the feeling! I left with a happy warm glow but that may have been gas!
It cost me £4.50! and a pint is £3! got to be worth it!
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