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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Clouseau, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Now that people are making donations (no I haven't done so yet), would it be possible to show the state of the RR accounts on the Treasury page? It would be nice to let RR members (esp. those who have donated) know how their money is spent.
  2. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Why do you want to know Clouseau? The CO's give up a lot of their time to run this site, Arrse and RP. Servers and hosting don't come cheap and any addtional money that is raised, IMO, should go to the CO's as a reward for their troubles and efforts on these sites that I see you haven't contributed to!!!
  3. Why do I want to know.....? your post sounds awfully defensive!

    Panic not - I was not getting at anyone or anything - I simply thought it was a good idea - you know - promoting openess and honesty is a good thing!

    Sheesh - if that is your attitude to an innocent and honest idea you can stuff your "hard work" and your site!!!
  4. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    It's not my hard work and it's not my site! It's the CO's!

    The above extract appeared to be a dig. If not, then I'll wind my neck in! :D
  5. As the site is run as a private concern then their is no requirement for this information to be made public.
    There is not a requirement to contribute and the owners of the site stated that the proceeds from donations would be used to give the moderators a small reward.
    So basically if you wish to see the mods rewarded then donate. This type of site runs from advertising revenue, so the more members and the more hits it gets the better the chance of advertisers using the site.
    Of course if you object to using a free site which is fairly unique then that is your choice
  6. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    I have to correct you on something. The moderators DO NOT get any monetary reward for doing the job.
  7. Ahh - so donations go to the MODs and not to the site upkeep and development - I hadn't cottoned on to that.

    Interesting nonetheless.
  8. The plot thickens.....

    So wtf are the donations for?
  9. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Are you stupid?
    Read my first post and you'll get the answer.

    The only thing around here that is thick appears to be you
  10. The money goes to the MODs eh ? Bloody hell where is may cash you bastards.What a pile of rubbish.Do you think it cost feck all to set up and run this web site? Get real mate.
  11. Perhaps some of the money could be spent on sending MOD's and in particular, "the-matelot", on a course for interpersonal skills and diplomacy as he has shown to be sadly deficient in these areas by some of his posts.


    Any complaints please pm me.
  12. Deeps if you read the post from the owners of the site they stated that the site was keeping its head above water from the advertising revenue. It was also stated that donations would provide a little something for the MODs. I will try to find said article.
  13. Slim not doubting you buddy, Just its the first I have heard of it.
  14. I will get a bit defensive as Clouseau is strongly hinting that we're robbing him for the use of our bandwidth, servers and time for the cost of.... zero in fact. It's true that we don't do this for charity any more, but....

    The money goes to Bad CO and me for running the site, which as one of the mods commented is expensive and extremely time consuming. A site like rum ration is VERY different from putting a few pages on your free hosting that you get with BT.

    We've just paid nearly 4k for servers to keep it running quickly for example (by splitting Rum Ration from ARRSE onto its own hardware) and a new 2k firewall is on the cards any time now. The hosting bill (for all sites) is £300 per month.

    As for time all of the server configuration work and recent moving of sites was done by us, as is all software maintenance, modification, email answering, accounts, user admin.. the list goes on. For example we will both be working both days this weekend to upgrade the site software to the newest version which has just been released.

    As for personal gain, I actually do take something from the sites once in a while as I'm partly reliant on it. Bad CO never has. The sites are doing well and growing all the time, but I would imagine I've yet to break the 10p per hour of work invested and BCO is still on zero.

    We haven't ever paid moderators as we hope they enjoy the role and using the site, so get something back that way. The admins (BCO and I) are different in that we never actually use the forums for pleasure any more as there is simply not enough time.

    So... like I said we don't do it for charity, but we do appreciate something back for the effort that goes into it. And believe me when I have a bug to fix or an upgrade to do, the fact that I am at last beginning to take something back from the sites (largely thank to the people who donate) is a big motivating factor. Otherwise needs would pull my efforts elsewhere and the site would suffer.
  15. Can't seem to find the post at present. However please refer to the Treasury section on the home page
  16. Erm... there seems to be some confusion and crossed-wires here. My understanding is that the money contributes towards to cost of maintaining the site, the new servers and bandwidth costs which are certainly NOT met from advertising revinue. None of the money is used to remunerate any of the Moderators nor the Good_CO/Bad_CO. Heavy usage means that a site incurs heavy bandwidth charges - as a website owner you start paying these fees when the amount of data people are downloading merely by accessing your site exceeds your free monthly allowence. For most of us who have our own private websites we never notice - too few people visit our sites. RR is in a totally different league. You can get some idea of the bandwidth issue if you subscribe to ImageCave. I used to be a part-time Charity Secretary for a small charity and bandwidth costs were a concern - they came out of my own pocket!

    I'm making a regular monthly donation towards the costs of running this site and will continue to do so. I hope others will continue to do likewise. It is because of the effort put in by the Good_CO and Bad_CO that we have RR, which in my view is becoming a new National Treasure in its own right. We need to preserve it and that means paying for it. Accounts are time consuming to produce and if done properly, will be audited. This is both expensive and a diversion of time and resources. If you've ever run a small charity on top of a full-time job, the time involved can be a real burden. It gave me a sympathy for the problems of small businessess with Red Tape which I didn't have earlier! I certainly have no desire to inflict this on our Site Administrators.

  17. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    I keep everything out in the open-I've got no need to keep things in the dark. If you really think you know me and my personality from what I say on an internet forum, then you really need to get out more. Seriously, you do.

    What I do object to is someone coming onto a website that cost the creators A LOT in terms of time and money-hosting a website like this does not come cheap and questioning where the money goes when he hasn't contributed himself. is one example of a webhosting company. It certainly isn't a cheap business when you look at the amount of traffic this website and arrse generate.

    The CO's have made it clear that after the costs are deducted, they take a cut which is quite fair don't you think? Why shouldn't they profit out of their creation?

    And I CERTAINLY do not receive any monetary reward-I do this in my own free time and of my free will after pestering the CO's over on arrse to set up an RN equvialent site from 2005 onwards (oh ok, and occasionally during the Pussers time as well :D)
  18. I am disgusted by the abuse I have received to an open and honest sugestion and subsequent query.

    I merely asked that in the interests of openess people who have donated may be interested as to how their money is spent. Judging by some of the replies I was not the only person who was unsure. If ignorance of this information is a sin then I apologise.

    The fact that certain people have become overtly sensetive, defensive and abusive does nothing for their credibility.

    If this is the sort of response I get from an innocent question then this will be the last afternoon I view and contribute to the RR site.
  19. Steady Clouseau, Please just relax, I dont think People meant it with any malice.


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