Treamill Vs Road ... Jesus!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Deano19, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. I've been training steadily for about a year now for RN Diver, but at the start of August I kicked it up a step. Up until then I'd barely ever ran on a treadmill, I ran on roads any distance from 1.5mile to 20mile and with decent speed so I had good level of fitness and good strong legs.

    Anyway, about 2 weeks ago I decided when I was at the gym that I couldnt be arsed going out again later to do a run so I jumped on the treadmill and pushed a few miles out on that. This happened again, and again and basically I done it for 2 weeks without running outside. Then I decided to pack it in, and on my first run back on roads, the muscles on the front of my shins and also my calves were burning and stiff and sore, just from a 4miler at the same pace I'd always done. Every run since has been similar and my shins and calves have been like that.

    Anyone else had this? Any ideas to sort it?

    My course starts in JAN so need to get some hard training in and this is pissing me right off!

    Flucking treadmills
  2. Fluck that it better not be anything like that. I just read about compartment syndrome and it sounds very like it.

    See if it gets any better with a little bit of rest and a few lighter jogs for a week or 2 i think.

    edit - 'loss of muscle co-ordination'... got that too but thought i was just running too fast

  3. Running on the road etc is much easier than running on treadmills - that may be the souce.

    Get some decent shoes and take it easy to start with. Chronic compartment syndrome is uncommon but it does occur (I've seen 4 or 5 people in a 10 year career, if that helps).
  4. I have the correct trainers, and found the treadmill easy as if I was just drifting.

    Just went out and done a jog, slower than I usually run.

    Lower legs were sore after just over a mile, moreso the calves but the shin too. Its not an unbareable pain, I could continue but I dont wanna cause damage and I suspect they might just cramp.

    I slowed to a walk, cursing my legs and they felt fine within 20 secs.

    - I don't think its as serious as the above stated injury... hmm i dont know.

    I'm gonna rest them completely for rest of the week and take in some good protein. Thanks for help
  5. Or go and see a decent Personal trainer / rehab specialist / doctor and see what they think rather than internet speculation?
  6. +1
  7. i can do my mile and a half on the road but the treadmill adds about 3/4 minutes to my time. any idea how i can sort this out. apart from the obvious practice. maybe i should run for half an hour rather than run to get my best time??? any ideas?!
  8. How did your medical go Jonesy?
  9. The Army go the proper way and test you on roads, why run on a machine? and where you going to run in the middle of the canal, river, sea or ocean???
  10. Because you did SOOOOooooo much running with the Army before you opted out of Basic Training and ran home to Mummy didn't you Troll. :roll:
  11. mattbea

    I've told you before- if you have nothing to add to the discussion then feel free to keep your musings to yourself. Silence, in your case, is very undervalued.

    Treadmills add time as you run at the same rate. On roads you are constantly changing speed.
  12. Are you running on the treadmil with an incline? I believe an added 3 degrees or so equates to road running otherwise the forward strain isn't replicated as you are merely "jumping" as the road moves beneath you (in a very simplistic view).
  13. Definitely another candidate for Cock of the week.
  14. Thanks for replies, it was actually down to my Wednesday night 5 a side football in the leisure centre, quit it over a month ago when I realised it was more painlful from thurs to sun and then eased off until I played footie again.

    Its been fine ever since.
  15. Couple points...first, were you warmed up and did you warm down? Second - and this may sound naff, but did you check to see if the treadmill was on flat, rather than hill stance as tha can cause irritation?
    I find it helps to alternate: run to the gym, include the treadmill in your workout and run home and include plenty of stretching, as well as following the ideas put to you here about decent trainers. Good luck.
  16. Oh christ Claire Rayners back!! :roll:
  17. I prefer the road to the treadmill. I lose motivation on the treadmill and find it too easy to just get off it. Where on the road I have to keep going to get home lol
  18. Just about on topic...

    I am downgraded for the next 5 months. No impact PT, or strain on abdominal muscles allowed, and due to the reasons for my downgrading I'm not able to cycle for more than a few minutes. I want to lose some weight (I've lost 3.5 stone in 7 months) I'm fed up of the Cross-Trainer and stepper, so will the Treadmill be OK, or is this still classed as an 'impact' exercise?
  19. I'm no expert however I do believe but could be corrected that treadmill is still a high impact
  20. Treadmill will put strain on your abdominal musculature and is impact. Low impact means things where your foot doesn't strike the ground, like a cross trainer.

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