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Using a treadmill in the gym for most of my running at the moment.

I realise that it's easier than running on the street, does anyone know the incline required to bridge the gap?

I think it's 2%, but not sure?
I find it a lot easier, running on the streets, parks etc and I can do a faster time than the tread mill.
Is this treadmill running for your PJFT ?
If it is you are better to do a good mixture of fitness training,
Sprint work up hills, set of six to start with.
Gentle jogging over two or three miles, with no time.
Swimming , treading water etc.
Timed running (2.4km) within your age time limit on both treadmill and street.
Even some cycling will help, but also remember to have rest day's between training.

Hope this helps.
Yeah, thanks. I'll include more outdoor running and hills (already do swimming).

I'm looking to join the RNR but I think the fitness requirements are the same as for the RN?
Running outside is easier anyway - you get a breeze to cool you down, and alternating up and downhill bits. Treadmills are nice because you can look at your time and count calories etc., but arn't all that realistic.
Earl said:
I'm looking to join the RNR but I think the fitness requirements are the same as for the RN?

Yes they are but you can work up to the necessary fitness standards during your new entry training.
Oh! The treadmill is such a bore!
As I run and run, I begin to snore!
Looking out of the window to the Asda store,
Ever running, never moving, alas, no more!
Panting and sweating from every pore,
Oh! The treadmill is such a bore!

If I had my way I'd replace the annual RNFT with a swimming test. Every matelot can swim, can't they? Also, I find it easier to glide through water than to blunder on through air. Swimming also gives a good workout, too. Anyway, back to the topic! When you undertake your fitness test you will never be on a treadmill, so my advice would be to run in the cold outside.
Earl, I know you posted this a while ago but you need to run outdoors for one simple reason...... The eye candy you will see on the streets will be so much better than what you will see in the gym. Another thing is an old training buddy once said " If you want to be stunnin' you gotta keep runnin' "

Good luck

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