Hello, Does the 2.4km fitness test have to be done on a treadmill? I've got no problem with my fitness, just having to do it on a treadmill. I've never been to a gym before, but I had a go on a treadmill in a specialized running shop where I was buying some trainers, and I was useless on it.


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I was given free passes to use in the gym where I had to go to do my fitness test so maybe you should ask in your AFCO about these?
Yeah, the AFCO gave me 3 free passes to get in the gym for practise. but i would hit the roads running as well to prepare you better.

Basically, the PJFT is done on a treadmill but when you get to raleigh, all the fitness tests are done outside on the astroturf which is harder IMO

Don't worry about the gym though.. I'd never set foot in one before my PJFT and i was fine
Thanks for the replies, I've been jogging for years, just not on a treadmill, plus I've got clown feet and I didn't find it particularly comfortable. I guess I'll just have to practice on it, hopefully I'll also get some free passes.
I also hate treadmills, however passed my PJFT on one.

Top Tip: If you go on a RNAC you do a 2.4km on the road and if passed you do not have to do it at the gym AFAIK.
Pretty bone question here: how is the PJFT actually carried out at the gym? Like is there someone standing there watching all the time, and do they set the speed you run at or do you basically control it yourself?
well when i did mine, there is a clock on when you start so when i started running the time began! he set mine at the minimum speed i would need to run at to pass, and he said you can put it up if you want! and he just kept coming back to check the time against the km and when it was near he just stayed and when it got to 2.4km he wrote down the time and than i slowed it down and it was done
when i did my 2.4km at the gym the woman started the treadmill on a minimum that i would pass and she stood there until i was finished.


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Mine watched throughout. There are 3 things that constitute a fail and they are holding on to the hand rail and taking feet off running surface, pressing the pause or stop button and causing the emergency stop button to come off.

Work out how fast you wanna run at tell the gym instructor. Mine set it up at 14.4Kph and then pressed the stop button at 2.4Km which stops the clock (had to do it that fast to get doctor to pass me on medical despite being 4Kg overweight :p ).
I'm so nervous about the treadmill.. I am training at the moment and can definitly see an improvement, still cant do the distance/time though! Will feel great when i can :) just find it hard to fit the time in to do it every day!


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Black2Blue said:
I would not do it every day. Day on, day off maybe better.
Yes, the 8 week training schedule on the RN website is a good place to start your training if you are not used to it. You're going to need to be able to swim and have upper body strength too. (eventually)

With that schedule you are looking at doing 2 runs per week, with 2 swims and 2 stength workouts. (approx)
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