Discussion in 'Gaming' started by mikh, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. mikh

    mikh War Hero

    About 18 months ago, a Percy came onto RR and ROMFT and invited people to join an on line game by the name of Travian (I cannot remember the percy's name too clearly, I think it was grumpy or something like that), the current server (my 4th) is about to finish, and I wanted let any prospective players know that a new speed server will be starting soon.

    I will post more info in the coming days, but if anyone is interested in playing, and joining a tri service alliance, they should let me know.
  2. snapper

    snapper New member

    Nooooo....... not another server ............. 8O wibble wibble... :?
  3. Jimmy_Green

    Jimmy_Green War Hero

    I didn't play the last speed server Mikh, the last time I played was on the speed server that finished in Feb. I enjoyed it when it was all ARRSErs in the alliance but since any old civvy was allowed into the alliance, and after all the back biting and the way the alliance split up I soon lost interest. Besides that, it took up too much of my time and in the end I never got anything else done. I can't see myself playing again.
  4. mikh

    mikh War Hero

    Tell me about the time taken.......

    We are hoping to get the alliance back the way it was before the civvie inclusion, Robbo as IC (possiblly as a dual with Sospan) I know he is a crab, but he is OK

    Snapper, I am way way past the wibble stage, 4 speeds on the trot!!!!!!!!
  5. mikh

    mikh War Hero

    The speed server finished last night, won by HoS

    I will post the start date of the next speed and a link for pre-registratio as soon as they are available
  6. mikh

    mikh War Hero

    Restart on Friday 20th - No time yet, but probably 05 dubs. Pre Reg should be up and running on Wednesday.

    I will post a registation/start link for those interested as soon as it is available
  7. SonOfWAFU

    SonOfWAFU New member

    Ahh havent played this game for ages! used to play speed server and be on Zero who were allied with Myth .. that was probably the best time on travian speed server!
  8. mikh

    mikh War Hero

  9. mikh

    mikh War Hero

    Just thought i would revive the thread, another speed server starting on Wedensday 6th March, give the last speed a miss and tried my hand at a Slow Server (UK4) god its slow.

    But going back to the speed on wed :)
  10. mikh

    mikh War Hero

    Not even a nibble, or 'you must be fcuking joking'

    Well for anyone interested, registration starts tomorrow, we will be starting in the old ARRSE stomping grounds in the NW
  11. That game took up so much bloody time that I'll never see again and running an alliance is a complete pain in the bum. I also found it depressing on how much the "star players" were spending on Gold.

    Some day, if my health fails me and I become completely housebound, unable to hold a paint brush or a modelling knife, I might think about playing it again.
  12. mikh

    mikh War Hero

    Thats the spirit Logs :bounce:
  13. MG Maniac

    MG Maniac War Hero

    WTF are you talking about dear chap???? No don't tell me ... I really don't want to know!
  14. Topstop

    Topstop War Hero

    I dont fancy waking up at 0200 and 0400 much to the Missuses annoyance to do something that proves that futile, again, thanks.

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