Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DRH1987, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. Hi
    Im attempting to join at the momnet as a Warfare Officer and i have my initial test medical etc in a couple of weeks.
    I've wanted to join for a while but when i visited my local AFCO they seemed very cautious and told me my plans for travelling were a major problem. I had hoped to pass my AIB and then use the year to travel.
    I have planned this trip for a long time and invested money in visas etc already. I want to go to countires such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Krgyzstan, China, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal South East Asia and India. I can understand that these aren't your normal countries to go to but can't understand why they are so weary of it. I thought it would have been a positive thing. The RAF wouldn't even consider me if went for this trip.
    I was just wondering if anybody knew why they were so weary about this and what my chance of being able to do both were?
    The problem is that at the moment im still pursuing the trip as well because it needs planning.
    The Careers advisor basically said it was a gamble and just to try and fast track my application before i go away and hope for the best
    Thanks for any help anybody can offer. Cheers
  2. It's a matter of intelligence risk.

    You're intending on joining a career which will no doubt leave you savvy to sensitive national information; and the year beforehand you intend on planning to several countries that would have an interest in a attaining such sensitive information.

    As far as the MOD is concerned, you could just be setting yourself up with contacts to invest in.

    Not that, if I could afford it, I wouldn't gamble a trip like that across the trans-Siberia. Sounds fantastic.
  3. Ask the AFCO.
  4. They may well be worried about time constraints too, it's a long process and a trip like that will mean waiting even longer.

    As far as passing AIB before the end of this year, that too will prove to be highly unlikely due to the time consuming nature of the application process. Even if you do, your AIB pass will only be put on the pile of 3 BRNC intakes (January, April, September), and if you are away you are giving yourself less of a chance by being unavailable for some, if not all of the intakes.

    I still reckon you should crack on though, the trip sounds a beast.
  5. Is Cyprus still on the list for no go places still ?
  6. Gibraltar too...remember hearing something about Royal Gibraltar Police spooks buying information from travelling officer applicants. 8O
  7. What a load of chuff this site comes out with. The man is not even DV'd yet, and thus can't be an intelligence risk. You will be interviewed, and asked about your travels, and by god you'd better be truthful (yes, even about the lady-boys!), but apart from that you should have nothing to worry about. I've been to 3 of those places you want to go, RN ships have been to all of the maritime countries, so obviously it isn't that dangerous. Rory Stewart went to equally interesting places, and he's now an MP having been a Provincial Governor in Iraq; a far greater intelligence risk.

    It's probably more to do with paperwork faff and such like. There is a considerable pressure on the recruiting train at the moment to get Warfare Officers in the door, and you going away for a year does present a risk that you might not come back, having had a hoofing run ashore in Goa and staying. If they continue to be wary (note spelling), then frankly fuck them off at the high port and go travelling and re-apply when you return. And if we won't take you, more fool us; go apply to the Army and for a crazy Inf Regiment like the Royal Gurkha Rifles - your dits will be just about acceptable.

    Anodyne Warfare Officers are not required.....

  8. ^^^^This^^^^^^^^ :roll: fecking drama queen fantasists
  9. Once upon a Time a chap joined the RN to see the world.....

    Seems a whole waste of recruiting/recruiters time to process a candidate and hold over a place for them to take up later at their leisure and convenience, perhaps....

    Travel - THEN apply (If you return that is.)
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The only snags I could realistically foresee are with regard gaining Security Clearance as a residency waiver will be required for any UK citizen, over 18, who resides outside of UK for more than 6 months in the last 5 years (DVA rules, not RN).

    Similarly for SC, joiners should keep a list of countries visited, if outside of UK for more than 6 months, and addresses so that police checks can be completed. (Presumably to check you're not a convicted drugs mule - for all we know that could be the purpose of your trip). As it's unlikely the countries listed have a reciprocal criminal intelligence exchange agreement, it will probably take a fair bit longer to gain SC, thus deferring the start date.

    It's probably therefore advisable to aim to be back in UK a few months before starting at BRNC, rather than flying back on the friday & expecting to start monday, but ultimately, your call & if you haven't passed selection yet, why worry?
  11. If you have to ask for advice on this matter, shouldn't you be considering a career as an orificer? If the RAF think it's iffy, the Andrew are surely going to think equally. Apply the tosser-test. "Would I do it after joing the mob? If yes, apply, else NO . :D
  12. I would presume the DVA have a way to deal with Gap Years!
  13. Hey, if a man can't be a drama queen fantasist, where's the fun in the internet.
  14. I'm a fantasist?! Amusing!
  15. They are a little short of Warfare Officers at the moment then?!
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    That's only because "I wanted to be a Navy Officer" translates into Nepalese as "Lazy cud munching pregnant cow"
  17. :D
  18. :D

    and yes, we're a little short of Junior Warfare Officers, we keep on breaking them....
  19. Breaking them! Hahahah :D
  20. Go for a great holiday. Don't worry about the residency piece as you still live in UK, you're just on a long vacation.
    We're in no rush to recruit as the central Mong Building bureaucrats are going to shaft us after their 2 month summer leave and make us about the same size as the Southsea pond maritime enforcement team, so we're not stopping Ships going to sea whilst we await your return.
    At least if you make the trip, survive and then join the Andrew, you'll have a few sh*gging dits to spin when you're sat with the other 19 YO virgins in the College of Knowledge!
    I wouldn't mention my military connection/aspirations anywhere you're going on holiday though, just to be safe have a credible cover story.

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