Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by thereverend, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. A friend of mine told me that there are a number of countries that I will not be allowed to travel to or through when I eventually get in because of my being in the military. Is this true? If so, what countries does that include?
  2. Short answer: your "friend" is talking bollocks.

    Long answer: You have to inform someone if you intend to visit one of a small set of countries. But here's an idea, how about we don't publish the list on a public forum like this, eh?
  3. but I don't think I'll be revealing much by saying that Scotland is quite obviously off limits....
  4. Scotland wont be off limits if he becomes a deeps
  5. perhaps it should be! Faslamabad is horrific!
  6. I am indeed going deeps as you put it. That is assuming by deeps you mean submarines and not talking knuckle deep into some classy Pompey bird.
  7. Most of the countries are places that you wouldn't want to visit anyway.
  8. Are Wales and the IOW on the list then?
  9. Question is would we want you here anyway,lol!
  10. When you join the RN and you wish to take leave/go on hols, you will need to place the relevant request into your DO.

    Just for the record Wales and Forrest of Dean is off limits :wink:
  11. Before you travel anywhere you'll need to be de-humanized. To do that they'll stick you in a deep dark hell hole where very little life ever grows and there is little chance of escape............

    it is known only as Collingrad................. It is rumoured to be the Royal Navy's secret torture chamber.........

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