Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jjp23, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi folks,

    Just a quick question, i have tried to search for the answer but nothing came up.

    I am due to start Raleigh at the end of March. However, i want to travel towards the end of January for a few weeks to either Thailand or Vietnam. Obviously i would have the proper vaccinations etc.

    Would this cause any problem or has anyone else done something like this?

    Cheers, James.
  2. No probs at all. Keep your vaccination certificates and it means you won't have to have as many when you go to Raleigh.

    Make sure the AFCO have up to date contact details for you when you go in case there are any date changes that you need to know about.
  3. On the subject of Thailand and the Nam, check out both, You can do a decent trip from Singapore, through Malaysia to Thailand, then across to Vietnam and up to Cambodia and Laos.

    It is a very well trodden route and there are loads of cheap hostels and hotels along the route. If you do end up in Nam go to the Cu Chi tunnels, were you can fire an AK47 or an M60 for a few US dollars.
  4. Thanks for that, you sound like you have done a bit of travelling yourself in the area? I will look it out and see what i can find. I am planning on doing two weeks volunteering work followed by either a week or two exploring. It would be great to fire one of those, even though i would probabley be useless at first but it would be an experience.

    I will definatley let my AFCO know everything, cheers.
  5. I did a Far East deployment in '04 and visited most of those places Matelot style.

    Mrs 2_Deck is a product manager and tour consultant for a posh travel operator so we did the trip again but 5 star hotel style and with less hookers.

    Over all I have been to over 40 countries, most of which were with the mob.

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