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Whats the actual situation? Most peoples insurance covers commuting to work. Is this either

a) A new and very overzealous PSI misreading the rules?

b) A concerted effort to cut down on T&S by making everyone commute to the unit and then use unit transport to travel? Watch attendance and retention collapse if thats the case...
Some of the cheaper insurances only cover from home to main place of work, if you inform them you should be alright, if you need paper work it will cost.
We've got a quote, an extra £150 for full business cover, commute only to 'main place of work', not RNR (especially as it's only 'casual labour'). I think it's a an overzealous PSI, but stand by for a collapse in attendance from this location; it will take an extra 2 hours before Drill Night on public transport, and then a taxi to get home that costs more than the pay earned in an evening......
Ask the PSi for the reference in Black and White, I'm pretty sure it will state that for DUTY trips in your own car, you should have "Business Class Insurance". Normally not a problem to get, and it has never, ever cost me. Travel to and from the unit is not DUTY travel as you are not getting paid for your time, and I think the insurance companies would have a hard job in court justifying that you aren't covered. But again the safe option is to switch to an insurance company that will cover you Free of Charge.
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