Travelling to Pompey

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by pompeyexpat, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. A bit of a long shot this, but I'm on DOs course tomorrow and find myself short of a lift. I don't suppose anybody's travelling up Collingwood way tonight by any chance?

    Edited to point out that I'm travelling from Guzz
  2. No, but I'm going tomo night from yeovil
  3. Cheers anyway, but it looks like I'm going to have to do the train thing. Don't normally mind but cause of engineering work it's bus, train, bus and about 5 hours of travelling. Not my idea of a heavenly Sunday evening.
  4. Just to warm you up even more, its peeing down and very windy here in Fareham today. ;-)
  5. Could be worse. The weather's the same here so at least I'm not leaving sunshine behind for rain.
  6. Warm and sunny oop north :rendeer: :rendeer:
  7. Rather be wet down south, then warm up north. No offence like.
  8. He he :w00t:
  9. Going slightly off the topic but you would be helping me out if you could post to let me know whether it's the norm to finish at 12 on the Friday of week 1. I've seen the programme and there's stuff planned but you never know!

    I'll be there for course later this year and have something important (not a service reason) that would need to be done on Friday afternoon of week 1
  10. A Friday afternoon off? Do you think you still work in the equipment section young man? :)
  11. What's her name?
  12. I can indeed confirm that I was on the road Friday lunchtime. The afternoon is set aside for "RNFT preps" (joining instructions say no need for sports kit) and "Report writing study"
  13. Last time I travelled from Guzz to Pompey by rail on a regular basis was 1962/3: the last train from Guzz to get you back on time for Monday morning was from King's Road station at 1510: has it got any better, or do the overnight buses take all the weight now ?
  14. Thanks for that! just what I wanted to hear

    No, Jimmy it's definately not a bird! and I didn't think there'd be much point in trying to get a brew out of you on a Friday afternoon Brigs, you were long gone last time I tried that!

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