Travelling to HMS Raleigh

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cadetsmum, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how far the Dockyard railway station is from HMS Raleigh?

    Would it be easier to get to Plymouth (which you'd have to change to get to Dockyard anyway) and get a taxi instead?

  2. go onto google maps.That will give you all the info.

  3. Disembark from your train at Plymouth. Assuming you haven't been to Plymouth before - get a taxi to the Torpoint ferry, pay the fare, get on the ferry then get a cab on the Torpoint side. Try googling the bus service - there is a good comprehensive service...
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  4. thanks Polto ....much appreciated!
  5. For the bus option.

    Turn right out of the station and walk across the bridge to the bus stop at the opposite side of the road. The number 81 A/B/C serves Torpoint and all go to HMS Raleight about every 30 minutes on week days.
  6. thanks for asking but have no news yet .....doesn't help that Junior has been out of the country for the last fortnight.

    tbh I doubt very much that he will be successful; research on the old internet has thrown up some other cases where the applicant, having the same condition as he had, has either been also turned down or in one case discharged (guess they weren't as honest eh?) but on the flip side, they were diagnosised at a slightly older age than Junior and again everything we read when he was first diagnosised states that the earlier its treated the more successful the you never know.

    Also there's some interesting information on the arrse part of the site which has been really useful and in addition to that he's been given some help by sources we never even dreamed of .

    So you never know .....I may be back to haunt you yet,lol
  7. You will always be welcome here cm.

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