Travelling to FATS from North of Scotland

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by littleshinydemon, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Well after what seems like an eternity and then some, I have finally got my FATs dates through, and have a couple of questions re: travelling to Cranwell if some one could help me out.

    Firstly, how long does it take to get from Nottingham to the base roughly?

    On the test day itself, what sort of a time do you finish at? I know that everyone progresses through the tests at their own speed so to speak, but is everyone done say by 5pm?

    Has anyone travelling from Inverness to the FATs, any suggestions on the best route (train all the way, train to edinburgh flight to nottingham etc. any ideas?).

    Finally what will undoubtedly be viewed as a stupid question, although it doesn't state on the info pack anything about paying for flights, if these were cheaper or not hugely more expensive than trains, would the RN normally pay for them quite happily? (Just when I was arranging my RNAC they were more than obliging when it came to flights).

    I know my AFCO will be able to help a lot with these questions, but if I am going to book my own flights out of my own pocket I want to get them done this weekend so that they are as cheap as possible!

    Anyway, if anyone has any advice on all this stuff that would be a great help!

    cheers :)
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If flights are required the ACLO will provide them much the same way as rail tickets or a combination of the two.

    The cost of food, travel & accommodation is borne by the service- however if you pay for it yourself up front you'll pay full price & as there is no mechanism to refund your costs at this level, so you will end-up out of pocket.

    The advice is sit back & let the AFCO worry about that aspect- all you have to worry about is passing.

    Good luck.
  3. thanks N_S,

    I had a feeling they would provide flights, but it never mentioned that option on the form, and as flights tend to shoot up in price in a matter of days, was quite keen to save myself money if I was paying:)

  4. What dates are you heading down?
  5. I'm going on the 17/18 of August...can't wait to get it over and done with (i.e move take one more step towards actually going to AIB!)
  6. I've got FATs then as well. I'm travelling down from Edinburgh.
    Have you decided how you're getting down?
  7. not sure yet, waiting until the person who books the travel is back from leave on Monday, sounds like flights will be paid for.

    I am divided between flight from Inverness to Birmingham and then train to Nottingham, or where ever the Cranwell train goes.

    Or else train to Edinburgh flight to Nottingham, either way its going to be a pain but flying one way or the other!
  8. If my memory serves correctly the stop for Cranwell is grantham, which is a stop on the bog-standard Inverness-London Kings X route.

    Edit. Why am I unable to write the word G R A N T H A M without the message "user known as norman" appearing?
  9. MOD wordfilters, from what I gather, a dubious ex-member of RR?
  10. Thanks for the info watch_the_birdie, will check that out, would prefer minimal changes even if it takes longer!
  11. What's the latest, LittleShinyD?
  12. I may well have to eat my claim of 'flying one way or the other' after all. It would appear that there is a train that takes 7.5 hours with one change over at some place called York (never heard of it personally, must be some village or something) which will get me to Grantham station with no less than 30 minutes to spare, where they will pick me up from!

    So I think that's the best option, that way at least I don't have to bother with stupid airports/lost bags, waiting around too much, and can study on the train too.

    So cheers guys for the info, looks like it made my journey to be a lot easier!
  13. So at what time of day will you have to set off from Inverness?
  14. Never heard of York?? Wow. You heard of Yorkshire by any chance? :?
  15. LittleShiny's just joking ........
  16. Heard of Yorkshire!? Yes of course, you get puddings from couldn't tell you where it is though, but who cares, you get puddings from there and that's the main thing.

    To answer the rather more pertinent question, I would be leaving at 7.55am on the 17th, and FATS are on the 18th, so its fine, just like going to work really (though unfortuantely I have to use what little annual leave I have left to go down, not much of a holiday but probably a lot more productive!)
  17. Are you being collected at Grantham? Sleaford is closer.
  18. they have a pick up point at Grantham, which the train passes through, so I will be making the second last shuttle run from that station, or if the train is very late the last one.
  19. Seriously what the hell is wrong with this site and the word G R A N T H A M ?!

    Is it like some god-awful place that cannot be named? haha
  20. I thought it was just some funny little RN quirk, that went back to the old days and I just didn't get it....clearly not

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