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Travelling in rig.

My happy place is about 4000 miles away at the moment. Too much bloody sand in my head at the moment. Still got creases in my trollies tough.

Anyone got a paper bag?

as far as I know it's up to the specific unit to lay down rules on travelling in rig, which is why there is such a mish mash of info. some say nay, must change before leaving and some say civi coat over the top and no head gear. drinking in rig ashore has to be approved beforehand by a senior officer (poss CO) have to check on that one. Persec and what the person is travelling for are also part of the ask at your unit at the font of all knowlege, usually the CWTR or in dire emergencies the USO :lol:
Think you'll find that the rules are pretty standard across the board although slight variations might exist. Wearing a jacket, neg headgear, is only for travel by road. The jacket must be exchanged for headgear on exiting the vehicle.
Should headgear be worn while inside/on the platform of a train station, or is that classed as being indoors? (ie negative headgear)
If uniform can be worn, why not Nos 1s like it used to be? at least the Navy might be recognised again instead of the bags of siht strolling around, i too have brought this up on Naval Standards, but then we get back into the arguement, Ah but when it comes to doing his/her job.............what a load of rubbish, sometimes when i think of todays Navy I feel embarrassed, Im sure others out there will agree, climbs back into hole.
Hig - I've got no problem with wearing no 1's in public, flying the flag and all that. Unfortunately it's not very practical these days particularly when our people are spending a lot of time moving backwards and forwards between ships and establishments.

Hig I think a major factor in no 1s not being worn so much now is the government's seeming lack of pride in HM Armed Forces these days. Seems like they don't want to show us off to the public so much now and want us to assume a lower profile. :( Also the navy has been cut down now to under 40,000 men making it very rare to see a sailor (or any serviceman for that matter) so the thinking, maybe, is that it's no longer worth the bother.

Can you believe this, I was standing at Inverkeithing station (right next to HMS Caledonia in Rosyth) the other night with an oppo, both of us were in uniform, me in no. 3s (white shirt, black trousers, white cap) and my oppo in C95s. 2 guys walked past and to each other they said "there's got to be a joke in that somewhere", referring to the fact that there were 2 guys standing there in uniform.

That was in bloody ROSYTH and if it's a joke there then what must it be like elsewhere in the country.

Hig what are the crabs like in Lossiemouth, or do they only venture out in civvies..?
No they venture out in uniform, not working rig.thats the point im trying to make, yes, of course in the dockyard,moving between barracks and ships has always been acceptable, but not in town for gods sake, no wonder the public mock, they dont see sailors anymore, they see scruffy `erberts.
When it comes to the crunch - if I saw ANYONE in naval "mixed" rig (considered my self picked up) I would tell them that they where incorrectly dressed no matter what rank they were. I'll never forget in Nelson one day when an officer walked passed a petty officer, the officer had no headgear on, and the petty officer got a bollocking from another officer for not picking him up! I thought that was why the gave us rates/ranks in the armed forces - to instill discipline or am I wrong?
wompingwillow said:
Does have the up side, I rarely pay to get on the bus any more and get a free drink and doughnut with every roll ordered at subway when in uniform

What luck!!! When I was in the ROC we weren't allowed to travel in uniform to training weeks, etc - which was a pity. I even had to go to Porton Down in civvies! :( My uniform was always tiddly. However attending Post training meetings you did travel in uniform (I used to walk the 3.5 miles to the Post every Friday night after school). On the journey back, our local pub banned anyone in uniform as the landlord was CND. We used to go to another pub where, because I was the Post's only Junior, I got all my drinks free: after 1.5 pints they usually had to carry me home! :oops: :lol: Mind you, on Post Dinners I also got treated too! :D... Until I was a grown-up :(

Sadly in the RNXS the SR's Mess made us pay for all our drinks at President. Likewise the local to Chrissy also made us pay! Must be something to do with living in London! It ain't fair! :|
Hig - I've got no problem with wearing no 1's in public, flying the flag and all that. Unfortunately it's not very practical these days particularly when our people are spending a lot of time moving backwards and forwards between ships and establishments.



In the days of Yore 60o/70's we never moved out of a Naval Establishment without at least full No3. (red Badges) with lanyard unless actualy working ie. vehicle driver. Caps alway worn outside vehicle (no Berets in them days) Any person traveling between ship and establishmant or two establishments only wore No 8ts./4's when taken by RN Transport, bus/tilly/lorry never to alight outside RN property. Remember the RN Establishments just in the Porstmouth area was approaching 20.

Any person sighted in 8/4's/ ovvies/foul weather gear etc. even just driving a car was in the poop. I spent a few weeks as FOSM's gardener was paid milage to drive from Dolphin to his house in my own car each day. Dress No'3's change into 8'ts when I got there change again to come back. Any one found outside these parameters was trooped there was no excuse.

Previous 1SL issued a dit saying wearing of working rig in public was now permitted.

So long as it was "smart". Yeah sure. :roll:

Red badge blue suit (old no 3s) has been done away with now, not sure when that went though.
Bah bloody humbug the lot of you. Every single picture I've seen of the "old navy" ashore in rig made the matelot look like he'd slept overnight under a hedge in someone else's clothes. The killick in question (a Leading Operator Mechanic (Warfare Submarines) from his description) was probably 10 times smarter than the fag-smoking layabouts in scruffy square rig chasing whores down the Hard in the 1950s with a pint of Watneys Red Barrell in his hand (some people even have pictures of their uniformed perfectness - ahem - in their avatar!).

For every rant about standards on this site I can think of a hundred examples of smart conscientious young people who wear the uniform with pride and smartness. Just 'cos you lot were all immaculate and always perfectly ironed and never drunk and would have been an Admiral if you'd stayed in ... apparently. I'd lay money on the fact that the Chief GI ripped you a new a***hole for the state of your clothes every time he saw you. There's no difference now to 40 years ago, except the "veterans" can all mank about it online! Up spirits!


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