Travelling in rig.

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Ticklertin, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. What, for f***s sake are todays rules for travelling on public transport in rig?

    I joined a train yesterday some 100 miles from the nearest ship (floating or not) and a killick WSM???? joined in what I would call No8s or denims. Scruffy looking OD and the No8s? needed a good dhoby.

    Wots 'appened?

    :? :?

  2. As far as I can see , there aint no rules anymore , please there selves , very few of them wear headgear of any sort , standards have nosedived mate , not just in the Andrew but everywhere , this country has sank into the cesspit , still never mind Romania and Bulgaria join the eu club next year so things can only get better , sorry I've been to the club again , :twisted:
  3. I would like to know the answer to that question myself. Every time I ask someone I get a different answer. One minute travelling in rig is allowed, the next it's not, the next you've got to put a civvy jacket on and not wear your cap.

    As for standards, nobody is caring to enforce them. Sad but not far off the mark if you ask me.
  4. You should have asked him ---- he may have told you a sea story -heheh
    I used to travel in eights but in a car --maybe his had broken down and he was making his way back by train.
  5. WSM, is that a submariner?, do submarines have ironing facilities :?

  6. If the guy had been a Submariner he'd have been noticed more for the smell --- :lol: :lol:

    Yes we did have irons -----however the laundry did a fair job of No 8's so no pressing needed usually.
  7. Until I met Nutty I though this thing about submariners not washing was a myth. Now I realise it isn't... 8O Oops.. I should rephrase that!!! Until I met him I thought it was a myth but he explained to me that there really were no proper washing facilities on board. Yuk!
  8. doens't really count but I always get on the bus, in 8's or my number 1's. most people ether think I'm a copper ( white shirt black trousers) or a traffic warden!

    DOes have the up side, I rarely pay to get on the bus any more and get a free drink and doughnut with every roll ordered at subway when in uniform
  9. YES >>> But remember .... When it comes to doing the job it will be done ..... AS ALWAYS
  10. I believe that the answer is that Jack may travel in rig as well as go ashore in rig (as long as he/she does not drink alcohol) but headgear is to be worn and his state of dress must be smart. Split rig is certainly not allowed - and I have picked up people for it over the last couple of years!
  11. Yes but by whom?

    I see a correlation between falling standards of dress and falling standards in general. If someone is quite prepared to travel on public transport looking like a total scranbag what does that say about that persons level of professionalism? Ok, when he gets onboard his sub/ship he might be a wheel but if he can't see that he's letting himself, his ship, and the RN down by projecting such a shoddy image then I would be asking questions about his personal integrity.
  13. I never wear anything that would give away what I do, for example my hat, jacket or anything with my rank on it. Hence the mistaken idenity and the fact I usually head straight to the pub after cadets!
  14. I often see people walking around Fareham in rig no hats. Most recently a 2 1/2 and a CWrn, who had obviously been shoping together at lunchtime!
  15. To the best of my understanding personnel are allowed to travel in public in rig, provided that the general state of that rig is a. clean, b. complete (ie: headgear and c. not mixed (new word for split).

    Travelling in no 4's (previously 8's ... Gov cutbacks?) is permitted but again only if the above are adhered to.

    It grieves me to see someone out and about with missing headgear, hands in pockets, fags, jackets over the top to poorly disguise the rig worn underneath, etc.

    My earlier thread on Naval Standards covered this. The real problem is that few people actually enforce the regulations anymore (can't be bothered, not enough time for the admin, likely to cop it if too many four letter words are used, no real deterrent, etc).

    Who the hell got me started on this again? Bah!!! :evil: :evil:

  16. Chill SF, you will do yourself an injury. Go to your happy place!!
  17. My happy place is about 4000 miles away at the moment. Too much bloody sand in my head at the moment. Still got creases in my trollies tough.

    Anyone got a paper bag?

  18. as far as I know it's up to the specific unit to lay down rules on travelling in rig, which is why there is such a mish mash of info. some say nay, must change before leaving and some say civi coat over the top and no head gear. drinking in rig ashore has to be approved beforehand by a senior officer (poss CO) have to check on that one. Persec and what the person is travelling for are also part of the ask at your unit at the font of all knowlege, usually the CWTR or in dire emergencies the USO :lol:
  19. Think you'll find that the rules are pretty standard across the board although slight variations might exist. Wearing a jacket, neg headgear, is only for travel by road. The jacket must be exchanged for headgear on exiting the vehicle.
  20. cool
    willing to be fully corrected, now that's sorted out. :lol:

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