Travelling from Glasgow to Raleigh

Hey all,

I'm just waiting on word now from my AFCO on a start date having bossed the PJFT yesterday.

I have had a look around, used the search and I've been reading thread upon thread here now for about two months, although I've just joined as a member today - first thread - apologies in advance, Ninja; I'm expecting a bollocking.

I know generally everything I need to other than this:

Will I need to take the train from Glasgow to be at Raleigh on the day I have to arrive, or can I travel to nearby, stay the night and then arrive at the station to be met / collected? I only ask because I am aware that my train tickets are paid for and so would be booked for a certain date - it's just an absolute bummer of a journey.

It's only 8 hours. Won't your joining instructions tell you when you will be expected at Raleigh? Don't be late. You have 72 trains daily from Glasgow to Plymouth so should be a doddle. Just treat yourself as one of the very lucky ones and enjoy your training and then your career. Best of luck. :cool:
8 hours or 11.5 depending on which train line is used and how service is. Trains north of the order have a tendency to be utter shite all year round but particularly in winter.

Don't have the instructions yet, just waiting on word as per my AFCO's explanation as to what would happen after PJFT.

Was just wondering about the option, thanks!
done the trip many times, staying so sober was always the problem, I suggest you stay sober if being met. @Ninja_Stoker may be able to help, so may be your AFCO could.
enjoy your new adventures


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I joined from Glasgow back in the day. Admittedly, it was years ago but at that time they flew you to Bristol and you got train tickets from Bristol to Plymouth to be met by a bus at the station.
Also, I have just found out from the AFCO that they book tix for you (have had some booked for me for my acquaint). Apparently rail warrants are kaput.

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I did the same trip when I joined up in '64' as a skin just turned sixteen years old. Steam train, separate compartments, heating useless. Stop over in Crewe and Taunton if memory serves. Took forever! Around 16 hours plus. You lucky lad, a pure dawdle these days and in comparative luxury! (Stops the swinging lamp).


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Once your entry date is allocated, your AFCO will book you onto a prnc in Rosyth.

Upon successful completion of prnc, your AFCO will book your e-tickets. Often, for those travelling from the Highlands or Islands are flown rather than sent by train as it's cheaper & quicker - your AFCO will advise.

If you are 18+ and ensure you have somewhere to stay at your expense, I cannot think of any reason why your e-ticket cannot be requested a day or two before you are due to join but you cannot arrive at Raleigh itself before your start date.
Thanks Ninja, I was hoping you'd pop along for a visit.

I wasn't too worried and just wondered more if anyone else in a similar position could share some experiences.

Looking forward to the PRNC and I know what's expected of me, just can't wait to get started!

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