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Rob H

First time poster - hopefully posting in the right bit.

My son is a 19 yr old reservist - he joined in 2013. I have been trying to get a definitive answer from him as to whether he is due travelling expenses to/from duty nights, since it costs more for him to get there (usually by rail) than he receives in pay for his 2 hrs on duty nights.

He personally isn't bothered, and neither was I until (due to a change in circumstances) The Bank of Dad is now subsidising his Navy vocation, that old chestnut of travelling expenses has resurfaced - and he is being as evasive as, well, a 19 yr old. I have got as far as "still waiting for my jpa login" [after 18 months???]. I understand this to mean that this is the stumbling block as expense forms are all online now.

A simple yay or nay either way as to whether he can claim would suffice, and thanks in advance for all help and advice!



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Yes he is entitled.

He can claim a variety of items, and should do so ASAP. Depending on how far back he goes, he may not be able to get payment.

He should have a jpa login by now, and there is no excuse for him not having one. There is some training required to use it, but ultimately he is potentially losing out on legitimate expenses for no reason.


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Even short a JPA login he should have completed a Home to Duties form setting out how he travels to the unit which will result in him being reimbursed automatically for drill nights and weekends in unit if he checks the travel box on the relevant paperwork.

Plus you don't need a JPA login to see your payslips any more, they are accessible via Defence Gateway which your son should be signed up to.

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