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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by cushdee, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. Just out of interest if i ever were to join up what are the chances of an AET travelling about i mean on board a ship not sure based?

    Also Which Aircraft Would be the best one to work on if you wanted to travel around a lot rather than being sure based??

  2. Think they have only a few Harriers/Lynx/Merlins/Sea Kings oppo :thumright:
  3. You're "sure" to be based somewhere, Sunshine.
  4. ---------
  5. You might even get to go on one of the new carriers as well.
  7. You will get to go to sea whichever aircraft you work on. But let's be honest, you will not get as much sea time as a WAFU.

    Why not try and get yourself lined up for the new Joint Strike Fighter? That would be really great and you'll get to go to sea on the new carriers in the future. I suppose that means you need to work on Harriers first whilst you await the new aircraft. The Harrier force is Joint Force Harrier and they are flying GR7 and GR9s borrowed from the RAF at the moment.

    Hope this helps

    Neil - Supermario

  8. Ah!

    You're obviously suffering from a split personality Soleil/Supermario.
  9. Sorry but which planet are you on? So the 15 months I have been away in the last 24, all at sea, is not much ?? Every facet of the Fleet Air Arm is very busy at the moment. Many of the frontline Sqns are doing a lot of time away, much of it at sea, except the Junglies who seem to be permanently deployed to hot and sandy places.

    So to answer cushdee's question, if he/she wants to travel and not be shore based, I would recommend either the Dark Grey fleet (Lynx/Merlin/Bag) or JFH as already suggested. A draft to MASF would entail quite a bit of sea time as well. However if he/she is about to start a career in the FAA, he or she may not get the choice of aircraft type.

    Joint Force Harrier does not borrow its own aircraft. Naval Strike Wing, the FAA element of JFH, is just that - the Naval element alongside 1 Sqn and 4 Sqn RAF, all administered by the Air Force (but with a lot of RN personnel at various levels within the Command). Sorry to be so pedantic but there is a common misconception that we (the RN) are borrowing aircraft from the Crabs when we are not - we are an integral part of the organisation.
  10. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Agree with most of what you say, however there is also a common misconception that we (the RN) are an integral part of the organisation :thumright:
  11. Thank god I'm out. 22 years and about three and a half actually spent afloat.
    As a young REM I wanted the sea time as an older POAEM I was pleased to spend time with my family.
    Sea time was good when we went foreign and visited exciting places like the Far East, Windies and the States. not so sure I'd enjoy today's offerings though :w00t:
  12. Yes the Crabs still own "JFH" but I would argue that we are integrated, although clearly in less numbers. I think (some of) the Crabs realised a while ago that instead of trying to get CVF binned (who is going to cancel a ship named after the monarch? - big balls!) which would mean they would not get JCA, that they should get onside, which to a certain extent (some of them anyway) they have done.

    I dont work at Cott so I cant comment on day to day issues however I have seen both 1 Sqn and Happy 4 on the CVS and they were very good - better than NSW in fact who have a lot of old SHAR pilots who mistakenly throw their weight around when on the CVS thinking it is just like old times, which it is not.
  13. Seat time, who the feck wants that, cant play golf at sea, thats why I joined the FAA.!
  14. Exactly, time to bring back the old Wafu, sea time again chief, out of turn isn't it ? Only ten years since my last ship :thumright:
  15. Hey slim , I did my time, just not at sea! If you dont get paid extra, why bother, yes.

    To be truthfull, I did go to sea, but norra lorra. a year or so on 2 Rothesay's, then 6 months on a tanker, and 2 1/2 on a flat top

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