Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Backpacker1uk, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. I hate these feckers

    No jail for benefit fraudster who had 80 grand savings

    A MOTHER-of-five who stole £33,000 from the state while she had £80,000 in the bank will not be jailed.

    May Price, who lives on the caravan site at Tanhouse Lane, in Widnes, was given an eight-month suspended sentence and ordered to serve 250 hours community service after she admitted three counts of benefit fraud.

    Sentencing her on Thursday, Judge Roger Dutton told Warrington Crown Court she had been lucky to avoid jail.

    advertisementThe court heard Price, aged 36, has been claiming income support, housing benefit and council tax benefit since 1990.

    But at the end of 2005, benefits investigators found she had £80,000 in a Halifax bank account that she had not told the officials about.

    The court was also told she had used the money to buy a bigger caravan to live in and also for a larger car.

    Teresa Loftus, defending, said Price had only kept the money as an inheritance for her five children, whose ages range from 18 months to 16-years-old. Bless

    And she said Price had suffered badly since she was first questioned.

    Judge Dutton described the offences as "particularly" severe.

    He added: "It is interesting to note that on the day you queried why your benefits had been stopped, the money was withdrawn by you from your account in a way that has never been explained.

    "It raises in my mind a degree of suspicion about the extent of what you have been doing.

    "But if you were imprisoned the state would be paying even more to support your children and who knows what the ultimate effect would be on them."
  2. Well. That certainly taught her a lesson then - didn't it.

    FFS - whatever happened to the concept of seizing the assets of those who profit from crime?

  3. The Russians have a way of dealing with the Travellers (Pikeys, gypo's).
    They have stated that as they put nothing into the country, then they will take nothing from the country. So no social security, schooling, medical care etc.
  4. I hate Pikey's with a Passion.

    My Mother and I had to leave Hertfordshire because of them. Battered my dad for no reason whatsoever, left his face in such a state he ended up needing plastic surgery and then our lives came under threat because we went to the police about it.

    Turns out the cnut that did it is then most wanted man in the central area and has a warrant out for his arrest for Fraud (amongst many, many other things), turns out he's done the state out of well over £100,000.

    Police say they're having difficulty tracking him down, funny how since I've been back down visiting my Dad, I've seen him wondering around the town centre more than a few times.

    Got to love the effort the Police put into their investigations.
  6. Couldn't make it up could you , doesn't surprise me in the fxxxxxxxg slightest though , what is wrong with these bloody judges , :tp:
  7. The southern Irish seem to as well these days,wont let them camp anywhere,so where do they go? Over here.

    Anyone wont their drive doing?
  8. Your confused shippers. It isn't the Southern Irish who camp here, it's the Jamaicans, Africans, Iranians, Iraqi's, Polish, Pakastan's, Serbo Croats, Chileans, Jews, Hindus, Chinese and people from Macrahanish who end up here because they have been deported from ................, Southern Ireland.

    Just thought I would clear that up hinny.
  9. I stand corrected,just when I was over there they were stopping them from camping at the road side and moving them on.
    Some of them did look foreign now you mention it.
  10. FFs living in Widnes is punishment enough!!
  11. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    but at least he realised that chokey would cost us tax payers even more....
  12. Don't you just love these 'Travellers'. Put sod all in to the economy of the country but take out everything that they can get their greedy, grasping, thieving hands on. Up my way some of these 'travellers' bought a patch of land with forged money then built a site (unofficially0 for caravans, pre fab houses etc and what did the council do. Bugger all as usual. Harrumphed and harrawed and still did bugger all.

    i'll bet if I were to put on a conservatory, or extend my garage without planning permission they would soon be round telling me to knock it down. Only because I pay my taxes to keep these bloody travellers in the style that THEY have chosen for themselves.

    Also the buggers can turn up anywhere they like and what happens. The bloody PC brigade in the council turn up and offer them Porta Loo's and special waste collections. Not that it does any good as the dirty, filfthy minkining, bar stewards still dump all their crap, including human faeces in the nearest bushes.

    I'll bet if I turned up in my caravan (and NO! I DO NOT have a caravan. That's another rant for later!) and parked in a laybye for a couple of nights I would soon be moved on.

    Justice for all! My a**e! Only if you are a Gyppo, Illegal Immigrant or Asylum seeker. How about some justice for the average, law abiding bloody tax payer?

    Rant over and no I do not fell better.
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are you saying that each time you saw him and rang the Police, He was gone when they got there.?
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well I'm officially a posh pikey, I bought a caravan last weekend to use whilst I'm on tour for 3 months this summer. The reason why? because I've spent 3 years in a tent on tour and cant be fcuked putting it up and down every week and living in a damp condition for 3 months.....Doesn't mean I like caravans.

    We have trouble with Pikeys, infact down in Kent 2 years ago we stopped two pikeys breaking into our showground, caught one, after we (and the local police) had finished he spent 3 days in intensive care...thieving cnut. We also put a show on just outside of Billaricay...pikey central down that way what with Crays hill etc. We haven't had a problem there, strangley I think its because we are too close to there site, also we have a few genuine old school fairground travellers with us operating a few kiddies rides. Pikeys and Fairgrounds dont get on and they have a healthy respect for each other...bit like I'll leave your kit alone if you dont beat the sh1t out of me....seems to work.

    Anyway, best go and clean my new trailer (pikey speak for caravan)
  15. Got a camp up here in the NE[official] all brand new cars with no tax on them.
    but there aint a pub in the town will let any in,they spit on the floor plus a lot worse pisses me off the police don't charge them.
    Remember working in Blackpool when a thousand turned up at a Bank holiday as they knew no court was in session to move them.
    they took over the big town centre car park and when moved on left thousands of piles of newspapers with shit in them on the park!
    Bastards just crapped in paper and tossed it through the window.
    On the bright side my mate owns a car showroom said he never did so much business in a weekend before.
    got another story about them at Blackpool but that will wait.
  16. This is why i really dont like Pikeys. One of their own kids was brought into our local hospital with Pneumonia i think. Hundreds, and i mean hundreds of them descended on the ward and by the time they had finished peoples belongings had been stolen, T.V's had been taken from their wall mountings and they we're fighting amoungst themselves as well as assaulting staff. The police did pretty much nothing whatsoever.

    Justice comes in the form of an old bootie oppo of mine who had his work van with all of his tools nicked from outside of his house one morning. He had locked it up, gone into the house and within 2 minutes they had had it away. Solution. He went up into his loft got his trusty Remington and went and got it back from them.

  17. Excellent bit of justice , god they make me sick how they seem to be above the law , brand new cars etc , :whdat: :whax:
  18. Too right!!

    He wasn't a man to cross, his words to me were "Nutty, theres only one thing that pikies understand and thats the gun"


  19. Aye , totaly agree
  20. It would be easy to implement their denial of social services and etc. Because they have no fixed abode, they cannot prove British citizenship (or any citizenship for that matter). If the Government made a decision to prevent health tourism by passing a bill to allow NHS hospitals to demand proof of entitlement prior to giving treatment, then this would ensure that only British citizens benefitted from the National Health Service.

    Without a fixed abode, they cannot proof entitlement to unemployment benefits (because technically they don't 'live' in this country) and also they cannot get obtain a driving licence so they shouldn't be able to purchase a car.

    Additionally they cannot register their children for a state-funded education (not that the little buggers would turn up anyway).

    So how is it that they somehow manage to get their filthy paws in the pie?! :rage:

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