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I saw this on yesterdays news. When they first appeared he went down there with his tractor to move them and was told by the police that if he did he would be arrested for causing damage.

Whats the poor ****** to do, he's not allowed to move them but gets a fine because they are there.
Hasn't he got a few farmer mates with muckspreaders? a few accidents with the ferty sprayer and they may get the message.
Can't prove it wasn't an accident then again it may improve the site looking at some on the TV.
It's another Human Rights disgrace as most have nice houses in Ireland.
They are just milking the system and we are stupid enough the let them.
His MP should sort it damn quick!


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This is the same site as was discussed at

Since then the "travellers" put in a planning application to have the site approved as a campsite but this was considered by Dartmoor National Park and then rejected last summer. For Dartmoor National Park Authority to now mention taking action against the landowner when they were prepared to even look at the planning application is an absolute disgrace and just shows how ready public authority is to take on those that can't defend themselves rather than actually uphold the law in the first place.
That would be sorta the same as the man arriving at the caravan site in Holland booking six pitches for his family for a long long stay. Well the travellers arrived ten in a caravan complete with tarmac equipment. The cloggy police informed the woman site owner they can do nothing they have booked in and you have accepted. They wrecked the place!!!!
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