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Hello, my friend is a Marine wife and she was wondering if they where allowed travel warrents to home area (she is living up her in MQ) while her husband is at sea like me (submariner wife) and who to contact.

If anyone could help that would be great, I dont think her fella is to clued up on these things, she rung me for help but although I wouldnt of thought there would be too much difference between RN/RM I thought I would ask you guys on here before advising her.

Does anyone know how she would go about getting one if she is allowed? as when my hubs went on patrol we got a letter with useful information and phone numbers on it, she gets nothing.

Hope someone can help

Sorry maybe I wasnt clear enough

I have been using them no problem hubbie on V boats when he goes away we get a sheet of paper with the phone numbers on, my mate is a marine wife and neither her or her hubsand have a clue who to contact about transferring warrents to her when he is away, can anyone help?



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Erm, why don't you just give your friend a copy of the 'sheet of paper' that you have, so she can call someone who may be able to help or at least put her in touch with people who can? Her 'hubbie' may not be RN but the information will still be the same...

I also find it hard to believe that her 'hubbie' has no idea who to speak to about transferring warrants; now, I'm no expert but a good stab in the dark might be the same fecking person who deals with his leave and travel? Like the Company Clerk? 8O :roll:

<<Shakes head in despair>>
The number I have is for my hubbys boats opposite crew coxswian so I really dont think that number will be any good for her.

The bloke yes is completely clueless

I dont know why but she has NO numbers at all for contact/help when he is away, maybe he isnt being proactive enough to get the infomation or maybe its marine support services or something as there are so few marine wifes/familys up here.

She rung me for help and I was just trying to help her so dont shoot me! LOL Its hard to see her trying to get the money together to go home by train/plane (she lives in Devon its expensive) when I dont. and he is away an awful lot.

So please dont shake you head in despiar at me, just trying to look out for a friend in need.

Find out where his pay is done (ie: his pay office / clerk) and phone them up. It shouldn't be difficult and actions are all done by the lad throught JPA. Usually all the wife needs to do is get proof of journey and send it to the claimant to retain for audit purposes. I suspect he / she will be entitled to the same number of warrents on transfer as you are.



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PNW(2B): I'm confused now, as your original post indicated "...a letter with useful information and phone numbers on it..." has now become "...the number I have is for my hubbys boats opposite crew coxswain.." hence my recent post. Either way, I doubt there would be a problem with you contacting the inboard Cox'n to ask him for a point of contact, on her behalf...:?

With reference to SF's advice I would be surprised that the Pay Office responsible for the aforementioned RM would give information to a third party (even if it is his wife). Further to my previous advice, I would suggest she contact the local Service Housing Executive HIVE organisation or Regional Welfare Office. That's what they are there for. And I think you have hit the nail on the head: I seriously doubt that it is a breakdown in the RMs support service and more likely that she has not been proactive. The Royal Navy Community website is highly publicised...

Anyway, further to your/her original enquiry, my own experience of transferring travel warrants is that the Serviceman applies for the journey as normal, indicating that it is to be transferred to NOK (as required on the reverse of the Leave Request Form) and makes the initial journey application from his warrant allowance on JPA, prior to the journey taking place. The wife then conducts the journey and retains (or sends him) the receipts as proof of the journey, for audit purposes. The Serviceman then annotates the journey mileage on JPA accordingly, and he receives the money electronically to his bank account.

Whether he chooses to then transfer the claimed expenses to his wife is another matter... 8O
Good point SPB - to clarify my comments. Questions could only be general about entitlements rather than specific about the individual. They could also ask about processes as in how to make claims, but again not specifically how much that RM could or has claimed. Your third paragraph is exactly what I would have said if I was properly paying attention. Honest!!

Besides - he probably is already claiming it and just not telling 'er indoors. Remember the good old days when the phrase "don't worry love, I'll pay that" was used frequently to cover sepparation pay, etc.


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