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Discussion in 'UPO' started by lucretia, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I'm currently in phase 2 training and will head off for SMQ in September. At what point do I become eligible for travel warrants to head back home to see my wife. Do I have to wit until I finish SMQ? And is it still 1 every 30 days?

  2. **** knows but I used to ******* hate writing them out
  3. Hello lucretia,

    It would be best to check with your UPO.

    Kind regards,
    The NFF Team
  4. Entitled to them form day one, but until you get a boat you only get 4 a year. Once on boat you get 12 a year.

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  5. that go for married unaccompanied as well NM - as they used to get more than singletons.
  6. I'm fairly certain you don't get them during training anymore. The entitlement was evaporated as a cost cutting measure. As NFF says, best speak to the UPO. Might Be a writer in know on here I suppose...
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  8. still get travel warrants in pahse two ...... got one when i was sent home sick on shore got to apply via jpa and approval through JPA if your aat collingwood ask the UPO soon as you get through the door shes always helped me out with jpa and was the one to do travel warrant for me doubt the system has changed in the 6 month iv been on ship. good luck enjoy home :)
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  9. GYH(EY) is 4 warrants a year for first 4 years untill you get a ship where it turns to sea goers warrants. After 4 years when shore side you only get duty travel warrants and when going on draft as long as you go from unit to unit and don't go home inbetween.

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  10. When your next in the UPO, get them to show you where the full stop and comma are on a keyboard.
  11. I would lie to the little Herbert- "**** off you're not entitled/ can't be chewed writing one out/ JPA down/ past the Wednesday dead line etc etc. An always caring coxswain I was!
  12. NO! NO! NO!

    It wasn't even 4 years, it was 3!

    To the OP: Soleil and SJRM_RN have it right. However...

    If you're in phase 2, you may sometimes have the opportunity to travel home at weekends so you may wish to check that 1) This is so and 2) That you may be entitled to GYH(T), providing you meet the qualifying criteria (50+ miles up the line, etc.)

    Definitely worth checking with the UPO what it is they want as evidence. Some interpret the JSP 752 literally, some have their own in-house rules (as in they want more than is laid down), some are a little more liberal. As always, ask your local UPO, they usually have it right.

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