Travel Warrants



Been having this discussion with my old man, whose information could be somewhat out of date :roll: Do they still give you a travel warrant to your home address, regardless of where you live? He reckons that No 1 son will get this after training, and that they used to let anyone living beyond a certain distance leave the ship earlier than everyone else to start the long journey home. True or false?


1. *Everyone* leaves work at 1200 on a Friday to travel home nowadays. (At least when a ship is alongside base-port.) Originally this was a perk for travellers.

2. Quantity of Travel Warrants vary on length of service, maritial status etc but they get you all the way home wherever you live from wherever the ship is in the UK. There is also some flexibility to use warrants to travel to non-home addresses.

3. Some ships use 'core-working week' this is where for certain periods in base-port ship's coy can choose to work Mon 12-18 & Tue-Thu 08-18n rather than Mon- Thu 08-16 and Fri 08-12. This allows travellers (i.e. those who live several hours away to travel on a Thursday night and Monday morning. I'm unsure on the status of this policy but I've worked it on two different ships.

4. Shore establishments work their own routines. I couldn't rely on leaving Collingwood before 1530 on a Friday. And whilst under basic training I seem to recall standard weekend leave was something like Sat 0800 - Sun 1800, which by the time you've travelled home is about sufficient time for a hot meal and 8 hours sleep before heading back to camp.



Geordie jon

While on the Invince .. did not have to be back until 15:00 on mondays if traveling from Newcastle or further North
Thanks for that - depending on postings it will be a case of wait and see from the looks of it, but it seems like he will be able to get home for some weekends - always assuming he will want to!