Travel warrant entitlement

Anybody know what the current travel warrant entitlement is, and when the year for entitlement starts, i.e. January to December or April to March?

My recently joined up son has been told he will be entitled to 12 onboard ship, as opposed to the 4 normally allowed.

He expects to join his first ship early next year and is suggesting he should use up the three he has remaining ,at the moment, for short weekend breaks, because he will have plenty next year.

I've had a little look around on the net for info on this but can't find a lot.
Four a year for first three years. 'Warrant year' starts on day of entry.

He can use either Early Years or Seagoing when he joins his ship.
Guzzler said:
Four a year for first three years. 'Warrant year' starts on day of entry.

He can use either Early Years or Seagoing when he joins his ship.

Are you saying that he will get more after three years?

And what do you mean by Early Years or Seagoing?

Sorry, I wasn't very clear there.

First three years he gets four a year wherever he is (called Get You Home (Early Years)). After that there are no warrants for leave travel unless on a ship/submarine.

As you correctly said there is one per month on a seagoing ship (called Get You Home (Seagoing)).

The two (early years and seagoing) may run concurrently.

There are allowances for travel for home owners (and currently those who rent) and married people, but these are not warrant based and are in the form of an allowance added to monthly pay.
Thanks Guzzler,

But just so I am clear on this. Does that mean that after three years, if he is shore based, and lives in barracks, and just wants to come home to see Mum & Dad, he has to pay for the journey himself every time.

I'm assuming things must have changed somewhat, and most lads don't live in barracks now when shore based.
Afraid so.

For what it's worth the seagoing warrants may be carried forward for use during the current leave year. For example; leaves ship in August with four seagoing warrants remaining, he may use those warrants whilst ashore until the end of the leave year (31 March). After that though I'm afraid that's the lot.

I think your last comment hits the nail on the head. As many live ashore, perhaps they've offset the cost of warrants against an (arguably) improved package for homeowners - that's just a guess mind you.
Just to add, GYH(EY) allows for one journey per year (or part of year) to a qualifying address overseas instead of the four UK only warrants. (UK only warrants include travel to NI and islands of the British isles.)

PS Aaron, it would be helpful if you did not answer questions you know nothing about, particularly where someone is looking for factual information rather than opinion.
I remember up until I left in 2003 we used to only be allowed 4 shore side a year and 12 a year on a sea draft. But I know alot has changed since then
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