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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by k800i, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. How many Travel warrants are you allowed a year to go home on the train?

    Also how much money for fuel do you get per mile?

  2. I think the Navy pays a percentage of your train fare, the rest is up to you.
    Other than that I think you get one to go down and one if you quit basic / also one to go home during leave of basic.

    I 'think' that's correct.
  3. Paracord
    In all honesty if you are guessing at the answer it would probably be best to leave the reply to someone who does ( I don't know the answer as things have changed in the last 22 years).
  4. Sorry :( i'm so booooooored waiting to go, just on the net, popping on here every now and again...if I watch another day time TV show i'm gonna take mayself to the
  5. It used to be, three a year, (ie. Christmas, Easter and Summer seasonal leave periods catered for). If you were married-unaccompanied you got nine additional so that you could get home once a month to see the little lady and the brats. But then again you also got rum every day and things do change, not always for the better.

    Did you watch Heartbeat earlier, crap as usual.
  6. Lol I luckilly missed it ;p

    Cheers for the info on tickets :)
  7. 25.1 p a mile reduced from 26.1p a mile because" fuel prices have dropped and everyone drives more fuel efficient cars today" absolute arse, why do we not get 40p like everyone else rather than claiming the rest back in tax.

    In fact an easy win Flag officer logs (pers) arrange for the tax recovery at source claim it back for everyone from the exchequer and at no cost to the MOD and all dip in, a little victory an it may reduce the flood of personnel leaving the service.
  8. i seem to recal the figure "12" from my RNAC course briefing.. i aint 100% sure it sounds too good to be true
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is.

    Apart from necessary "duty trips" from one place of duty to the next, the RN/RM will provide rail warrants (free train) from one duty place to the next duty place.

    You will be paid a "duty mileage" allowance (as indicated by Copenhagencup) if you use your own vehicle to do a trip from one workplace to another.

    Initially your AFCO & phase one & two training establishments will provide rail warrants for joining & for main leave periods to get you back & forth.

    You will get paid a "Get you home" allowance, which most people conveniently forget is actually supposed to give you sufficient money to (surprisingly) "get you home" as frequently as your leave permits from your place of duty to your Next of Kin address. Those that are married have a more "generous" pittance paid.

    You are strongly advised to pay the token sum to obtain an "HM Forces Railcard" which will save you a huge amount of money compared to the initial outlay. The majority wait until they need to buy a rail ticket until they remember to obtain one- be shrewd, get one as soon as you join.

    The thing to remember is that most weekends there are service personnel traveling from your base to your home-town or near enough. They want to reduce the cost of their journey & are more than happy to take passengers that help pay for the fuel costs. Often there will be a "Lifts Book" or "Lifts Noticeboard" displaying contact details & specific journey details- take advantage of it.
  10. Just knew that you would come up with the goods Ninj.
    But is this for real or do you 'think' that's correct?
  11. Weren't the railcrads free? I'm sure mine was free when I got it (1989).
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    They were then, they aren't now. They're not much more than around ten squid -ish & if you're a regular rail user with the presence of mind to buy your tickets a couple of weeks ahead, you can save huge amounts of beer tokens.
  13. Every day's a School day, cheers Ninja.

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