Travel entitlement

Travel entitlements

As an ex squaddie who let his son join the navy I give him some poor advice but need some help. he told me he is not entitled to travel warrants for leave whilst in Phase tow training. can you still get warrants or leave travel?
Can some one help with this one, think I may be giving my lad poor advice but he has started phase two and been told he has no entitlement for travel warrants for christmas leave. Has GYH(T) or leave travel been stopped?
Should be. Has he used up his allowance?

There is often a misconception that main leave travel warrants are in addition to the four(?) allocated each year.
Guzzler, I thought he was entitled to four a year, he has used one but has been told that in phase two he gets no entitlement. i think this is wrong.
I'm 18 months or so out of date mark, but what you have said was certainly the case last time I looked.

If he's a re-entry that could have some affect on his entitlement, but from what you have told us I can see no reason why he would not be entitled. The fact that he is in Phase II should have no bearing whatsoever - GYH(EY) lasts for the first 3 years regardless, though I stand correction from those more in-date.

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