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Hi, I have been assigned at short notice back to the UK from Gib but my family have retained the SFA back in Gib as both sons are undertaking GCSE's. Basically even if we wanted to, I couldn't send both lads back to the UK with me as the curriculum is different, I have a CEAS impact statement supporting this which enabled us to retain the SFA in Gib. Am I entitled to any travel assistance back to Gib to see the family on leave periods etc? Will I have to pay accom charges in SLA as I am married and paying for the SFA in Gib? Any help is much appreciated guys.
The easy question first - SLA charges... Your situation with regard to this is no different to someone with a quarter in Pompey who is living in the mess in Guzz - no SLA charges.

Your circumstances sound like you are VOLSEP in a different theatre to your family home therefore you should be in receipt of LSA level 1. I suggest you have a look at JSP 752 Ch 5 Paras 117-122.

Given that your family have remained in Gib you might find that you could get a claim for GYH(O) for them to visit the UK within the limits of 1 journey per year of assignment (if you haven't used it already). I don't reckon the rules for GYH(O) cover the circumstances where you are not currently assigned overseas so to get authorisation for this you might have to request that a case is submitted to PACCC or SP(POL) to approve. Regardless of the circumstances of any future GYH(O) if you have been assigned back to UK earlier than expected any travel back to the UK you had booked before you were re-assigned can still be claimed.

You should also retain your LOA at the accompanied rate.

I will caveat all of the above with the fact that I am not a Pusser or White Mafia but it is taken from my interpretation of the rules, my interpretation is to look for the paragraphs which say yes and put the onus on the loggies to show where it says no. Also bear in mind that just because someone works in a UPO doesn't necessarily mean that they know the rules!


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Also bear in mind that just because someone works in a UPO doesn't necessarily mean that they know the rules!
This is some thing mentioned a few times on this site, UPO may try their best but there are far to many rules for them to screw up with, so if they say no just keep pushing until you are happy it's a no or you get the yes you are looking for, good luck.
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