Travel budgets/Man Days?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Sooty, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. I've heard a buzz on the grape vine that unit travel budgets are being slashed as is man training days?

    Can anyone shed a little light on this?
  2. Yes I can shed some light. Having just spent a lot of time on my knees (oh Matron) trying to get flown home from 'somewhere hot' cos I was on draft AND my wife was due to drop but the Navy has no travel budget so if yr deployed when you should be on draft they just extend you. The only reason I got off was cos I managed to bag MYSELF a crab air flight which cost them nothing.
    I reckon this means the budget has gone (unless you're a senior bod of course Sir).
  3. I'm afraid it is very true.

    We have recieved notice that budgets for both are to be slashed.

    Is anyone else around here starting to feel unloved?
  4. If that was the case then the CompCas process should have kicked in and budgets for that are definently uneffected by cuts.

  5. You felt loved in the first place.

    That always happens at this of the year, we pay lip service then ignore it completely :wink:
  6. Ah, that hardy perrenial.

    Travel and training budgets are easy targets, although tbh chopping them is a very short sighted approach.

    Oh, and the coffee budget.

    I think my worst was about three years ago, both the DPA and the DEC travel budgets got chopped to the extent that we couldn't have the meetings we needed to have to get a project up through the approvals process. Result; project delayed and out of step with a related Other Government Department project, faffing about with the acquisition model and the only firms who could really provide the required solution lost interest and buggered off, inability of either MOD or said OGD to really make the operational improvements which should have come out of the project.

    And the coffee one really pisses me off. It's downright embarrasing having suppliers in and having to either trail them all off to a coffee machine and pay for it yourself, or bring in an assorted collection of mugs from the department coffee boat.
  7. See extract from e-mail from unit received this week.

    "We have just been informed that the FLEET Travel and Subsistence (T&S) budget for the Financial Year (FY) Apr 07 to Mar 08 has been reduced by 33% compared to FY 06/07 – the RNR budget (which is part of FLEET) has been reduced by the same amount. The <unit name removed> T&S budget for this next training year is now around £46,000, compared to approx £68,000 last year – this works out at a little under £400 per person, which is not a lot!"

    "Also, unlike last year, we have been given a manpower budget to adhere to. This is based on man training days (MTD) and has been calculated as 24 MTD per person (made up of at least 12 ORT and the remainder being SA), additional days can be allocated for recruiting activities and other events attached to public relations. "
  8. I must admit having been subjected to DPA coffee and sandwiches going to one of the coffee shops and buying my own (and being reimbursed by my employer) has it's benefits. Don't be embarrased, we understand, that is the way of life.
  9. As I see it, this is going to chop the pink fluffy events throughout the year where people are used to turning up for marginal training a good piss up and a couple of days pay..e.g Its a Knockout etc etc etc!...I might even class some of the regional weekends in that category!..standby INCOMING!!

    We have to be careful though as these events are key to keeping the morale etc etc just above the waterline.

    Without them...looks like a hard year ahead..TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN!!

    "All work and no play definately makes JACK a dull boy!

    Personally maybe not such a bad thing I still think we have a bit of catch up to be done before we can comfortably sit alongside and integrate with the RN operationally..time to knuckle down and get a bit more focused!
  10. Well since there is effectively a linkage between travel and training (you cannot do the later, without the former), I think it is safe to say that if you pay peanuts you get monkies.

    If the budget is slashed, then the quality of the RNR will degrade. When the RNR take casualties, when mobised, and then it becomes clear that the training has been cut, it will be interesting, will that be considered "acceptable" or will someone be held culpable?

    Of course we could follow the US model and do distance learning - but given that we cannot even access JPA remotely what hope is there for that, and it would require CMR to show some vision and become proactive rather than reactive (and sometime not even that!).
  11. new buzz

    we will need to pay a big part of our own travel :mrgreen:

    reason we get the bounty and ge greatful that you are able to be trained! The navy will give you a skill so be thankful :eek:

    you heard it first in RR
  12. Whilst not in it for the money alone I am NOT going to pay to be trained. If you want me you pay.
    and that goes for the body as well, Better looking you are the lower the price.
    But seriosly I aint paying to work!
  13. MasterChief, we await your response with baited breath.
    (Toys assembled in ready use locker at pram edge)
  14. of course there is an irony in the whole travel budget being treated as a separate pot from other budgets within defence.

    I went away to a 3-day UK-based ORT last year. Due to travel budget restrictions, people were forced by the unit to group together to travel. In principle this may be fine and should be encouraged WHERE POSSIBLE, but the end result is a farce.

    And the result in this case is people had to travel a day earlier than necessary (course started at 11am Monday just so people could get there on the day!) as it was the only logistically possible way to get there given the travel situation forced on us. And the impact?

    3 private car journeys saved (good for the environment!), saving 3 x private car or train travel expenses. BUT....

    On the flip side, one extra day's pay for 1 Commander, 3-4 Lt. Cdrs, a couple of lieutenants and a subbie. Multiply this by other RNR units - there were 20-30 officers attending this course, many of whom faced the same issue.

    Add the extra day's pay for all up, and where has any money been saved???

    Quite the reverse in fact. And as well as the unintended consequences of guarding budgets in such a childish fashion actually increasing defence spending, it additionally annoyed the hell out of people by making them take more time out of personal time for a fatuous cost-saving exercise. Great for morale and retention....and there are many examples of this...
  15. Penny friendly, pound foolish!
  16. Well given that if you don't claim on JPA within a month, you dont get it paid and JPA is down at the mo so you cant claim, I dont think it is a buzz it is a reality that you have to pay for your own travel now.
  17. Within a month Phil? I left some for longer than that when I was away and the paid ok.
  18. oh and Capt Jack, you are a thorough nasty man :D
  19. One does try :cool:

    In honesty i have heard the buzz that you will pay travel yourself over a set level unless you are doing what they want..

    Car Parking is limited and you will only get paid the minimum cost for public transport!
  20. JPA, that is another subject. Wish i had the time to log on and claim some expenses

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